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Masiyiwa declares war on COVID-19...deploys 100 000 test kits to ramp up testing in Zimbabwe

by Agencies
24 Apr 2020 at 17:37hrs | Views
Pan-African businessman Strive Masiyiwa has given 100 000 test kits for use in testing people from vulnerable and poor communities in Zimbabwe for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Masiyiwa has recently been stressing the importance of ‘testing and tracing' in arresting the spread of the deadly virus.

Writing on his Facebook blog, he challenges private companies to think differently in this crisis and consider conducting COVID-19 tests, in order to triumph in the "war" against coronavirus.

Masiyiwa writes:

"Why can't private companies do the testing (for COVID-19)?

"Why can't the nurse at my private doctor's practice do the test?

#Why does testing have to be so mysterious?!

I'm an entrepreneur, and my #Mindset is about asking ‘uncommon questions'.

"In Zimbabwe, Vaya Ambulance has 70 Ambulances, with trained Paramedics.

"They can easily be trained, and equipped to go to anyone's house for a fee, and carry out a test. They can even go to a company and test their staff.

"Why not?

"We can send all the results to a government database, using an App!
Why not?!

"I asked my team at Vaya Ambulance. ‘What do you need?'"
(They answered:) "Test kits?"

"I immediately arranged 100,000 for them!

(They said) "PPE".

"I immediately arranged 100,000. They should have arrived by now!

"We will start offering free testing for people from vulnerable groups by mid May.

"We plan to ramp up to 10,000 tests per day!

"Folks. I don't play O!
"I'm at war with this Covid, because it is messing up my business and affecting my customers. Mess with my customers, then you are messing with me!

"Covid-19, I'm coming for you!"

"Let's fight this thing, and get back to business."

Source - Agencies