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'Mnangagwa is a Swati not Karanga'

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 May 2020 at 13:33hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not Karanga as alleged by most people, National Patriotic Front leader Jealousy Mawarire has said.

Mawarire was responding to a debate ignited by Pastor Shingi Munyeza who accused the President of promoting the Karanga people only.

Said Mawarire, "A simpleton won't understand that pple who migrated identified themselves differently according to circumstances. ED is Swathi who identified himself as Karanga when his family lived among Karangas in Mapanzure,also called himself Zambian when his family migrated to Zambia."

Mawarire added that Mnangagwa assumed the Karanga tag to have political currency.

"After independence when he came back, he identified himself as Karanga for political expediency, fighting to be the Karanga Godfather to the extend of chasing VaMuzenda from Midlands. If you are naive, gullible and  ediotic you think those that seek to expose the guy are crazy."

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba is on record saying Mnangagwa's real name is Ihlupeko and the name Dambudzo was added later on.

Source - Byo24News