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Abductions and torture: the fiery monster of fear in our midst!

by Stephen Jakes
19 May 2020 at 10:15hrs | Views
Alliance for People's Agenda has lamented that abductions and torture are the fiery monsters of fear in the country.

"A week into lockdown, some Harare policemen were filmed enthusiastically beating a woman for being outdoors.  A couple of weeks after that, we saw photographs of more women, this time in Bulawayo, brutalised by police," said APA.

"Now we have 3 MDC female officials who have been abducted, tortured and dumped. The beatings are crude, cruel and a weapon of fear & intimidation. The viciousness with which members of police force gleefully undertake these actions is puzzling."

APA said the sad thing about this whole thing though is people have seen this several times before.

"There's not an area in Zimbabwe where there has been no state security sector brutality in one form or another, across the country. The violence is the same, barbaric; it is only the victims' names that change," he said.

"Zimbabweans fall in to the trap of discussing each new case as a new and separate event. This is a systematic approach of striking fear into the hearts of suffering citizens. Among the victims some names get wider coverage than others but the subject remains violence. Violence has become our default instrument for institutional coercion."

"Why do we re-elect the same government that terrorises our people over and over again? Even with 10% rigging, 40% of votes for ZanuPF is way too high for a country that has suffered at their hands."

APA asked why is there violence in political parties when they jostle for leadership positions, including in the opposition?

"What is this culture of violence in politics that has reduced us to fisticuffs over wits in battle for ideas? Could it be because these are not a battles for ideas but lust for power?" APA said.

"APA condemns the latest violence against our citizens. We deplore the ruthless violation of individual rights in politics which is to the detriment of the nation and we calls on all to #FixTheFoundation so that we can #RehabilitateZimbabwe."

"We have to say, enough! Elect a government that will do battle with ideas for a prosperous future, not one that will divide you with food parcel politics, excellence in factionalism and rob you of your future with rampant and shameless corruption. You deserve better! Much better."

Source - Byo24News