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ZANU PF's Davies Muhambi turns against Mnangagwa?

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Jun 2020 at 16:25hrs | Views
ZANU PF official and chairman of the Small to Medium Millers Association, has turned against the current set of  President Emmerson  Mnangagwa's government implemented subsidy program.

In a letter posted online by journalist Hopewell Chin'ono, Muhambi said the current subsidy program was not working.

Said Muhambi: While we understand and support governments position to not increase the price per 10kg bag to protect the citizens, we write to bring to your attention certain pricing aspects of the Roller Meal Subsidy Program.

The intended new pricing structure, if left unattended will threaten the existence and viability of SME Millers or will inevitably lead to the exclusion of SME millers from the subsidy programme. The new pricing structure proposes that the price of roller meal remains $63.00 per 10kg ($6300/ton), but the price of grain has gone up 130.6% from $6950 to $16 028.00/ton, while the subsidy level, which remains owing to the miller for long periods, also increased by 153% from $6320 to $15,995.00 per ton. While we certainly do appreciate the adjustment of the subsidy level, we hasten to add that the mere thought of delays in accessing it quickly overshadow the benefits.

In light of the above, we propose that Government considers giving millers a grain credit of $10 995.00/ton through the GMB. This means the miller pays $5,000/ton for grain which will enable us to produce and deliver a ton of mealie meal at the government proposed price of $6,300/ton. The grain credit will be recovered upon submission of the Subsidy Invoice to Government by having the miller include a credit note for the grain credit balance of $10 995.00 per ton of grain equivalent to the roller meal sold and invoiced. Treasury will pay that credit directly to GMB. This will provide adequate cushioning for the SME miller to participate in the Roller Meal Subsidy Programme.

Commenting on the letter Chin'ono said,"The Small to Medium Millers Association of Zimbabwe (SMMAZ) has written to Government, telling it that it can't carry on milling at subscribed prices. This is caused by Mnangagwa's REFUSAL to implement Political Reforms and LOOTING. The wheels are coming off!"

Chin'ono who has become a darling of the people following his Drax- Covidgate investigations recently courted the ire of ZANU with acting Spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa calling him an unscrupulous character who is targeting the First Family.

Eye on Food Security Zw Secretary Pembe Ncube told this reporter that,"Muhambi and SMMAZ need to be mindful that the subsidy program is a voluntary program where willing Millers participate. SMMAZ as a group of business persons cannot rely solely on the subsidy program as its primary source of business and profits. The SMMAZ have not done anything to import their own maize, neither have they proven that they have the capacity to import maize. If Government scraps off the subsidy program permanently how will SMMAZ survive? The Small Millers need an innovative and profitable business model."

In May, we carried a story where Renah Takudzwa Muhambi, the young sister of the controversial Muhambi was arraigned before the Bulawayo Magistrate court for spreading falsehoods about President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We quoted reports by online publication CITE that said the 21-year-old  Muhambi and one Prisca Gumbo of Mpopoma suburb and Renah allegedly sharing a fake press statement purportedly issued by President Emmerson Mnangagwa extending the lockdown to May 3.

The pair was said to have forwarded a statement via their WhatsApp platforms to several contacts on their mobile phones.

Source - Byo24News

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