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PHOTO: Chakanetsa's picture goes viral

by Mandla Ndlovu
11 Jun 2020 at 23:39hrs | Views
A picture of an alleged popular historical policeman Chakanetsa has gone viral on the internet after Lwazi Skuza posted it on Facebook.

The name Chakanetsa is synonymous with a notorious policeman who was known for operating a Santana in Tsholotsho.

He was popularized by Khumbulani Moyo and Tukuye Supersounds in the song iSantana.

In his thesis for D Litt et Phil in Communication Studies titled Radio Mthwakazi and the Construction of Ndebele Ethnic Identity, Dr. Bhekinkosi Jakobe Ncube argues that Khumbulani Moyo and his Tukuye Super Sounds mock  Chakanetsa for abusing Ndebele people.

Read the extract below:

Another song that is usually played by producers is titled Chakanetsa (Shona word for someone who has caused trouble). The song, by Tukuye Super Sounds, bemoans the harsh treatment meted to villagers of Tsholotsho, in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe by a chief police officer, Chakanetsa. The choice of a Shona name for a troublesome police officer is deliberate.

It is to ridicule the government that it sends Shona police officers to harass Ndebele villagers and in any case the name itself is selfexplanatory – the one who causes trouble. In this way, language is used as a weapon of the weak, to challenge the ZANU-PF government's treatment of the Ndebele people. Language use becomes a strategy through which Ndebele identity is communicatively formed. This is because an identity is a set of meanings emerging from how one constructs one's relationship with others

Source - Byo24News