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ZANU PF alleged funder John Bredenkamp dies

by Mandla Ndlovu
18 Jun 2020 at 14:08hrs | Views
Controversial arms dealer and mining tycoon John Bredenkamp has died.According to online publication ZimLive, the late businessman is known for assisting the Ian Smith regime to bust sanctions.

United States of America listed Bredenkamp on sanctions list in November 2008 accusing him of funding the bloody June violent elections were scores of MDC supporters were  imprisoned and murdered.

Europe blacklisted him in January 2009. According to the Guardian, his companies were registered with Panama-based offshore agent Mossack Fonseca and after Europe issued sanctions, the firm's partners quickly agreed to resign and make a report to regulators in the British Virgin Islands, where Bredenkamp's companies were incorporated.

In the early 2000, Bredenkamp was reported by the UN for their alleged involvement in funneling profits from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo back to the late President Robert Mugabe. The deals were said to be payment for Zimbabwean military support during the DRC leader Laurent Kabila's violent rise to power.

Source - Byo24News/Guardian