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Zimbabweans respond to Chakanetsa's photo

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Jun 2020 at 10:04hrs | Views
On 11 June 2020 we carried a story with an alleged picture of the late popular policeman Chakanetsa which was posted on social media by musician Lwazi Skuza.

In the story, we quoted a thesis for D Litt et Phil in Communication Studies titled Radio Mthwakazi and the Construction of Ndebele Ethnic Identity which was written by  Dr. Bhekinkosi Jakobe Ncube who argues that a song by Khumbulani Moyo and his Tukuye Super Sounds called iSantana bemoans Chakanetsa's treatment of Ndebele people.

"Another song that is usually played by producers is titled Chakanetsa (Shona word for someone who has caused trouble). The song, by Tukuye Super Sounds, bemoans the harsh treatment meted to villagers of Tsholotsho, in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe by a chief police officer, Chakanetsa. The choice of a Shona name for a troublesome police officer is deliberate." Dr. Ncube writes.

Bulawayo24 community members who responded to the article argued that the song was a praise piece of art dedicated to expressing the great work that the policeman was doing.

We publish below some of the responses.

Desmons Dube
I know cde Chax vry wel.i posted him rom Insuza Zrp to tsholotsho zrp bcoz of stock theft cases and he dd vry wel hence that was a praise song not that he was harrassing our ppl there No.he ended up getting married to a local wife there fo yr own infor.i later redeployed hm to Nyamandlovu zrp and all farmers applauded hm fo good work.was a man of the ppl non tribalistic.i also come from matebeleland.lets not confuse issues here
Charlie Oliphant
I beg to differ. If you listened to the song as much as I did it was actually a praise song for the way that the particular police officer had brought down crime in the area by arresting some of the most feared criminals in the area.Indeed, there were some bad guys that you constable joni could not approach but Chakanetsa managed to bring these to book and some of these bad guys are doing long time in the pen today.Fact that he was Shona is immaterial in this case, he was an active police officer and crime went down in some areas in Tsholotsho during his tenure.

Batshele Nduna
I know Chakanetsa. He was not notorious and didn't drive when Khumbulani sang about him. He was just a very efficient police officer who tracked and caught many criminals. He could not be bribed. Once caught by Tshaka as he was fondly called, you were sure to be imprisoned. He is such a sociable and humorous man. He only instilled fear among offenders. I can go on and on about the young man

Source - Byo24News