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Tambaoga, has distanced self from the Twitter account

by Staff reporter
28 Jun 2020 at 08:03hrs | Views
Traditional musician Last Chiangwa, aka Tambaoga, has distanced himself from the Twitter account handle @Tambaoga7, which recently posted an apology for his yesteryear affiliation to Zanu-PF.

Tambaoga wants the account to be "taken down" despite partially agreeing that he regrets some of the politicallycharged lyrics in his music then.

In an interview, the Rambai Makashinga singer, who recently signalled a return to the music scene through a solid set on the NASH TV Facebook live show, admitted that associating with the ruling party had affected his work immensely.

"The biggest problem we have is that our everyday lives are intertwined with politics, for one to put food on the table it's politics and so to turn a blind eye to what guarantees survival is very hard," he told Standard Style.

"However, it is wrong to lean towards one side as I had done, but we all know that is freedom of expression."

At the turn of the millennium, Tambaoga gained popularity for his songs that were filled with pro-Zanu-PF propaganda and praises for the late former president Robert Mugabe.

As a result, he enjoyed lots of airplay at state-run broadcasters and slots to perform at national events while his fan base shrank considerably beyond the opportunities, particularly in urban areas.

But, describing musicians as vessels of a message from the spiritual realm, Tambaoga said the next generation of musicians should strive to chant the truth.

"I would like to advise young musicians that it is not wise to be inclined to political parties. As an influencer, one should be neutral," he said.

"If musicians do not sing about what is happening in the country or what is being shown, they would have diverted from the truth and if anyone stops them, it is an injustice as such prophecy can help better our lives on earth."

Tambaoga pledged to release more music this year, starting with a single titled Mutemo Wavirima that was produced by Hanif Bhika at HB Studios in Belvedere, Harare.

"Albums are being prepared from this studio as well as from Chill Spot. We are also looking forward to work with Nash TV and come up with a live album from their stable," he said.

It remains to be seen if he will win the hearts of fans or continue to languish like other individuals and groups blacklisted for associating with political parties over the years.

Source - The Standard

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