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Paranoia drives Prophet Chiwenga's prophesies, says Mawarire

by Zivanai Dhewa
19 Jul 2020 at 06:57hrs | Views
National Patriotic Front spokesperson, Jelousy Mawarire tore into the controversial founder of Jesus Revelation Ministries, Apostle Talent Chiwenga, accusing him of living a life filled with paranoia, and blood sacrifices following two consecutive road accidents, each taking three lives at a time in two successive years.  

With a heavy heart at the loss of his brother, Mawarire took to twitter questioning why Apostle Chiwenga is always involved in road carnages that always leave three people dead at a time.

"While we don't want to be conspiracy theorists like Chiwenga and his church, we are naturally bound to ask why Talent Chiwenga is always involved in fatal road traffic accidents where three people die.  Last year it was his wife, Mai Vhurumuku and a church member, this year it's my brother (owner of Prestige Secondary & Primary schools in Bulawayo), his wife and a Harare lawyer, Mr Makopa," tweeted Mawarire.
He questioned why Apostle Chiwenga circulated information to the effect that Mawarire's brother was a State Security Agent who was after his life.  

"On the night of the accident, was in a state of mind to begin circulating information alleging our relatives, who passed on in the accident involving the car he was driving, were State Security Agents after his life.  We are also interested, as he is, to know the identity of the car and driver he alleges was chasing him from Kuwadzana roundabout, because that detail has effect on the way he was driving and consequently the head-on collision and the failure by the two drivers, to avoid an imminent collision. We are also interested to know why he didn't drive into either Kuwadzana or Norton Police stations if he was in imminent danger.

"It is quite unfair to suggest that an educationist, his wife and a lawyer, who perished in the accident, were on a suicidal mission to harm Chiwenga and kill themselves in the process.

"Such allegations are not only callous, but do not even rise to the level of nonsense. As a family we have also registered disquiet, as to why a driver involved in a fatal accident was immediately extracted from the accident scene by non-medical staff before police attended the scene," said Mawarire

Blasting by Apostle Chiwenga for fleeing the accident scene before the police even arrived, Mawarire sought mind evaluation for Apostle Chiwenga, claiming that in such incidences, it was necessary to determine the cause of the accident failure to do so would lead to a killing machine left to run loose endangering many people's lives.
"In normal jurisdictions, the mental state, driving competency and psychological disposition of a common denominator in such fatal accidents is investigated; we can't have a single being competing with Covid-19 in killing people through road traffic accidents," snapped Mawarire

"The fact that Apostle Chiwenga does not acknowledge or mention the full information concerning the dangers presented by the yet to be complete Norton road, is a deliberate way of feeding into his conspiracy and paranoia theories that he is a target of State Security Agents in order to avoid taking responsibility of the road accident."

The lack of empathy toward the families of the deceased by Apostle Chiwenga irked Mawarire.

"While it would not have helped us or our deceased relatives, we also believe, as part of Ubuntu, that the driver of the car involved in the accident with our deceased relatives, should have contacted us since we understand he is alive. We had to know who he was through his social media rants," bemoaned Mawarire.

Mawarire's brother and his wife were going to the burial of their relative when they met their deaths on Monday evening.

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Source - Zivanai Dhewa