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ZANU PF Mash Central calls for urgent Provincial election

by Tichaona Utete
20 Jul 2020 at 19:36hrs | Views
The past weekend began a chapter in the history of Mashonaland Central province. Various districts began their own campaign dubbed the #TanonokerwaNeElection.

The people of Mashonaland Central are demanding elections for a substantive Provincial Executive Committee. Kazembe Kazembe the ZANU PF Mashonaland Central provincial chairman does not want elections in the province because he was coopted to the post without a single vote cast in his favour.

Kazembe Kazembe is an unknown entity in Mashonaland Central. He would lose a free and fair election for the provincial chairmanship post on any given Sunday.

Kazembe Kazembe is justifiably in panic mode as the province demands elections as part of the restructuring exercise. ZANU PF members from the province boldly stated that "Tanonokera ne Election".

Kazembe Kazembe has been the most unpopular provincial chairman in Mashonaland Central. Party members generally agree that Kazembe Kazembe was not elected to the post of chairman, he was merely co-opted after the ouster of  former G40 aligned chairman Dickson Mafios. Therefore he has overstayed his welcome.

To add salt to injury Kazembe Kazembe has failed to earn the trust and respect of the electorate in Mashonaland Central. This is not the first time that Mashonaland Central has called for provincial elections. War Veterans also made similar calls in 2019 after Kazembe Kazembe had been accused of undermining war Veterans and disrespecting the ethos of the liberation struggle. Some war veterans are disgruntled by Kazembe Kazembe's leadership and have openly called for Kazembe's ouster.

It came as no surprise that Kazembe Kazembe called for an Emergency Provincial Coordinating Committee PCC meeting in Mashonaland Central over the weekend and he did not invite the media to cover the event.

In the meeting the beleaguered Provincial Chairman Kazembe Kazembe who was visibly in panic mode tried to plant the idea of a James Makamba expulsion from the party.  

Kazembe Kazembe is frustrated by the growing support and endorsements that James Makamba is receiving.

ZANU PF Provincial members who attended the meeting were disappointed that the Provincial Chairman had called them to discuss petty politics at a time when Zanu-PF faces more pressing matters such as the Covid-19 pandemic as well the impending 31 July demonstrations.

It is my humble opinion that the people are demanding elections because the incumbent chairman has created a vacuum which has to be filled.

Kazembe Kazembe has not been on the ground to meet with structures neither has he organised any successful party programs or events in the province, he enjoys the title but does not carry the responsibilities which goes with the title.

 Kazembe Kazembe has failed on 5 occasions to mobilise attendance for Presidential rallies in the province. The most famous and dismal failure being the first Presidential rally after the harmonised elections. The party's national Commisariat made the error of entrusting Kazembe Kazembe with the honour of hosting the first "Thank you rally" when he has failed to hold his own victory celebrations in Mazowe West. A chairman who cannot command programs in his own back yard will never command programs at provincial level.

Kazembe Kazembe cannot hold a celebration event in his constituency because his victory was marred in controversy as the Mazowe West primary elections were the most violent and chaotic ZANU PF primary in the past election cycle. Kazembe Kazembe faced stiff competition from challengers who had more support than him. The primary election was refused a rerun after allegations that the deposed National Political Commissar had been compromised and could not fairly adjudicate over the Mazowe West issue.

ZANU PF won all constituencies in Mashonaland Central though the party has failed to host events with huge numbers. Mashonaland Central has been outclassed by Bulawayo province which does not have a substantive provincial executive and is also predominantly an MDC stronghold. Bulawayo province has hosted rallies and meetings at different levels which have been well attended.

Enter James Makamba

James Makamba is viewed as a major threat to the Kazembe Kazembe kingdom. James Makamba is a man who was persecuted by Robert Mugabe and lost properties as well as a business during the Mugabe era. Makamba feared for his life and relocated to South Africa where he lived in exile until November 2017.

The new dispensation gave back Makamba's businesses and properties in clear demonstration that Zimbabwe was open for business and that Makamba was a friend of the second Republic.

Kazembe Kazembe fears that Makamba has the ear of the Presidium as well as the support of the people on the ground. Which puts Kazembe at a disadvantage as he only has the ear of the Presidium without the people's support or confidence.

Recently Kazembe Kazembe teamed up with Douglas Mahiya to create their own war Veterans wing as Kazembe tried to empower the few war Veterans who are loyal to him. Other war Veterans questioned the move and the authority of Douglas Mahiya to hold such elections without liaising with the War Veterans Provincial Executive.

All districts in Mashonaland Central are backing James Makamba and indications are that ZANU PF Mashonaland Central will head to the annual people's conference with a new Chairman.

The people of Mashonaland Central are loud and clear Tanonokerwa ne Election. Kazembe 's days in office are numbered.

Mzarabani District
Mashonaland Central

Source - Tichaona Utete