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To hell with selfish behaviour: Freedom for all is a calling

by Stephen Jakes
28 Jul 2020 at 10:00hrs | Views
MDC Alliance deputy chairman Job Wiwa Sikhala has said he will never venture into selfish actions by allowing money he earns through law practice to silence his calling for freedom for all.

"TODAY in the morning, I received a message from lawyers from our law firm saying with the money I am accruing in my practice why should I bother myself living in the bush this cold winter organising people to action. Some pointed out that you are driving good cars and you have got everything you need which is the dream to others," he said.

"Let it be known dear Zimbabweans, that money is not everything we live for. Money in your own pocket means nothing when the whole society you live in can't afford a meal. On a daily basis I receive not less than 50 requests for either financial aid, food or other needs from different people. Can we call this life? There are other things more than money in life. Happiness, freedom good governance, a society of choice, rapid economic development, good living wage for everyone, Healthcare for all, education for all, jobs galore for everyone and many more. Are these things available dear Zimbabweans?"

Sikhala said Herbert Chitepo was a successful barrister as the first black Advocate at Law in colonial Rhodesia.

"He was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions by the independent Tanzanian government. He was able to take care of himself. He left everything to die in the bush fighting for the equality of everyone. Joshua Nkomo was doing well in various employment fields but could not be satisfied with the way the majority of his kins were living," he said.

"Only selfish people care about themselves. Everything is all about them not anyone. They don't care about the way other people live. They enjoy their own prosperity. To hell with that spirit of selfishness. Happiness for all is a calling to those who understand that a just society is a must for all. Equal opportunities for all is a cardinal principle of life."

"Yes there are many living in the leaf suburbs of the North who don't care a hoot about the suffering masses. I rejected the life of flamboyance and remained in Chitungwiza as the definition of what Zimbabweans are. I see poverty on a daily basis. I am asked for a dollar by everyone I meet. I am always asked "kuti mudhara matiregerera."

Sikhala said he explained to them that he is trying his best to fight for them, and they must please assist him as well.

"I hope we will all stand up on the 31st of July 2020, to put our things correct. Zimbabweans are suffering. Just imagine someone living in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa will be demonstrating at the Zimbabwe Embassy, the majority of them who are pillars of support to family and friends back home. It is because they feel for us the oppressed. They have tested democracy and happiness but we allow fear to reign upon us. I cast out the demon of fear among us Zimbabweans. Outttt the demon of fear. Lets all speak on the 31st of July. No one should be stopped from expressing our feelings on the State of affairs in our country," he said.

Source - Byo24News