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Formation of ZACC was a sign there is rampant corruption: Ndiweni

by Stephen Jakes
29 Jul 2020 at 09:17hrs | Views
The Bulawayo Traders and Vendors Association Director Micheal Ndiweni has said the fact that Zimbabwe set up a Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) in 2013 was a realisation of deep rooted, pervasive corruption in the country.

"It was an admission that corruption was naturalised. It has become a fabric of our society. Thanks to the culture of impunity that has been natured over the years.  It is now normal to be corrupt. The ruling elite have documented cases of corruption, some going as far as committing suicide. The opposition have yearned to get to the levers of power and be corrupt," he said.

"Emperical data shows that corruption has recruited some opposition leaders who are supposed to be the doyen of hope, a fair and just society into also becoming kleptocratic in their behaviour and practice. What needs to be changed is the value system as the first layer. There is need to change our value system. There is a need to inculcate ethical leadership particularly at elementary level."

Ndiweni said the courts, arrests would play a second level in dealing with corruption.

"I argue that if one can bribe to jump a fuel queue or get a place for their child at a top government school, the person when becomes an MP or councillor would do anything corruptly to amass wealth using the lever of power at their disposal. I argue that everyone reading this is a candidate of kleptocracy should they be in government," he said.

"I have worked in the opposition. I have seen corruption first hand. Has seen the ruling  elite. Have seen my friends too. We need a change of value system."

Source - Byo24News