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'Mnangagwa feared, admired in equal measure'

by Staff reporter
08 Aug 2020 at 19:38hrs | Views
BULAWAYO-based author Marshal Chiza has written a book that exclusively looks at the country's first citizen, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The 86-page book, aptly titled Dear Emmerson, is set to excite literature enthusiasts while at the same time attracting mixed feeling across the political divide due to its content, especially at a time political tensions are at a boiling point in the country.

The book, which was edited by United Kingdom-based Brilliant Pongo and published by Billionaire Publishers, is yet to be officially launched.

Chiza shared with the Daily News what motivated him to explore the political conundrum.

"We all have different mind-sets coming from 37 years under former president Robert Mugabe, so we are cautious about what comes our way.

"As a result whoever comes after Mugabe cannot avoid being compared to Mugabe. We are looking with very quick eyes and hungry stomachs but not giving enough time for the elected leader to roll out his plans," Chiza said yesterday.

He added: "Most Zimbabweans have their own idiosyncrasies about how to judge a president as a success or failure; they have their own criteria of judging and assessing the achievements or lack thereof.

"But most agree that there must be passable time given to each leader for that to be possible. And so I say that some leaders are great but misunderstood, time will not only tell but reveal a lot to us."

However, in his review, the book's editor Pongo describes the work as a compelling and revealing narrative of contemporary Zimbabwean politics.

"Dear Emmerson is a story of politics; it is a narrative from a young author's eyes of politics in the raw.
"It is about the progress and setbacks that the current Zimbabwean president has gone through on his rise to the helm and the expectations that he faces from the nation he now leads.

"Uncompromisingly told, it covers what Chiza calls the Zimbabwean mind-set, the ups and downs of Zimbabwean politics, the big event of November 17, 2017," Pongo wrote.

Pongo said in the book Chiza ingeniously articulates the story of a leader who has seen a lot in Zimbabwean politics.

"Often referred to as Mugabe's blue-eyed boy, President Mnangagwa has proven to be a very shrewd and tactical political player. A leader who is no stranger to controversy! Feared and admired in equal measure, hated by some, there is no doubt Mnangagwa is a name that has a place in the history of Zimbabwe.

"This is a book so rivetingly written by a young author who has chosen to write about the life of a man at the very top of Zimbabwean politics in a simple and plain way."

The 22-year-old Chiza is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He has published three top sellers, Success In No Time, Poor Billionaire and Before I become a Billionaire.

He wrote his first book when he was just 18.

He heads a charity called Poor Billionaire Foundation which he founded in 2018.

Source - zimlive