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Zimbabweans' political consciousness now very high

by Stephen Jakes
09 Aug 2020 at 13:56hrs | Views
MDC Alliance deputy chairman Job Wiwa Sikhala has said Zimbabweans' political consciousness as a people can now be taken for granted by those blinded with oppressive power but in the mind of every pained citizen, they know what should be done and what is happening.

He said all those whom you hear waffling about the invincibility of this tyrannical and oppressive system are the beneficiaries of the crumbs from the system.

"They enjoy our national resources on the tears and sorrows of our people. They are people whom everyone must totally ignore and focus on the future of the generation of today and our kids. 90% of the citizens will remain suffer continua because criminals and thieves presiding over our public affairs are looting our resources," he said.

"There is no difference between the struggle of the generation of today and that of the nationalists movement of the 1960s. Grievances of 1960 persist to the present day. During the colonial era the minority enjoyed on the behest of the majority. So is today. A tiny coterie of criminals are eating whilst all of us suffer. Not only that, they apply colonial methods to shut our mouths shut. Colonialists used the Special Branch to shut anyone who spoke about the injustices of the time. Gross human rights were committed against our people as happening today."

"We have been silent on the face of unprecedented gross human rights abuses since 1980. From Gukurahundi thousands were murdered, abducted, tortured and abused. This intolerable political culture continued to the present day. All opponents of the state have been living horrible lives since 1980 and the mistake we did as citizens was to politicize issues of national concern. There are issues that do not need partisanship. Issues of citizens concerns."

Sikhala said Zimbabweans have gone on the overdrive informing the world that #Zimbabweans lives matter.

"This is driven from the observations of what happened since time immemorial in our society. On the aftermath of 31st July, thousands of our citizens are being abused throughout the country. This is an uncivilized operation to silence citizens so that those who have been looting continue looting unabated. Gross human rights abuses can not continue on our faces. Abductions need to stop and it is only us as citizens who can stop it. Violence against citizens must stop. Our people are being brutalized daily in their homes for no apparent reason, an act which started since 1980. There are times when we say enough is enough. There is nothing without an end," he said.

"Last night the Mayor of Chitungwiza was violently attacked by persons in military uniform. He was parking his car at the public car park next to his house. The savage attack on the Mayor Lovemore Maiko shows that no one is safe. Brutalisation has been taking place everywhere. Besides our campaign against looting and corruption, lets speak as citizens against TORTURE, ABDUCTIONS AND GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES."

He said as stated we resolved that, the week of 10th August to the 15th is a week of speaking out against the vices in our state. Until when should we allow it to continue as a people.

 "Speak Zimbabwe Speak
NO to Corruption
NO to Looting
NO to Abductions
NO to Torture
NO to Gross Human Rights Abuses," he said.

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