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SABC Boss Sophie Mokoena accused of receiving money from USA to tarnish Zimbabwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Aug 2020 at 10:28hrs | Views
Acerbic ZANU PF social media propaganda officer (Murakashi) Dexter Zvirevo has accused South African Broadcasting Cooperation Foreign Editor Sophie Mokoena of being used by the United States of America to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe.

Zvirevo said the SABC was using old footage to create a fake human rights crisis in the country.

"Why are u lying against Zimbabwe? How much were u guys paid by the US?" Zvirevo asked Mokoena on Twitter.

The veteran broadcaster responded that she has not received any money from the American government as alleged.

"I have never gone on charm offensive to invite the international investors to invest in Sophie Mokoena. Americans can't invest in Sophie Mokoena. I am just doing my job covering Africa the same way we cover the US and Zimbabwe doesn't pay me for doing US stories." Mokoena responded calmly.

Mokoena's name has been associated with SABC coverage of political and global news making the South African TV station SABC News a favourite to new consumers in Africa.

Source - Byo24News