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Zimbabwe youths urged to peacefully engage govt

by Staff reporter
14 Aug 2020 at 09:46hrs | Views
YOUTHS have been urged to peacefully engage government in order to ensure respect and protection of their rights by all State agencies.

In a statement to mark Inter-national Youth Day commemorations yesterday, the National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) also called on the government to involve youths in the decision-making process.

"Section 3(2)(i) of the Zimbabwean Constitution recognises respect for the rights of youths as a principle of good governance, which binds the state and all government institutions and agencies. It is therefore critical for respect for youth rights which are also human rights," the NJTWG said in a statement.

"Youth engagement that is founded on the respect of human rights is crucial to building tolerance, breaking intergenerational cycles of human rights violations, and stopping the culture of impunity in Zimbabwe."

The lobby group added: It represents an investment in tackling injustice and building a society where non-recurrence of gross human violations is guaranteed. Yet, instead of being engaged, the youths in Zimbabwe are being tortured and abused.

"The NTJWG, therefore, calls upon the youths of Zimbabwe to come together and peacefully en-gage the government of Zimbabwe to ensure respect and protection of the rights of youths at every level of government and by all government agencies and agents.

"The NTJWG further calls on the government of Zimbabwe to prioritise respect for human rights and engagement of the youth in decision-making processes at all levels, now and beyond. This year's edition was celebrated under the theme, "Youth Engagement for Global Action."

According to the United Nation's estimates of the world's population in 2019, youths, that is persons between ages 15 and 24 years, numbered 1,2 billion or around one in every six persons worldwide.

Source - newsday