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Tich Mataz and 'Hello Mwari'

by Staff reporter
18 Aug 2020 at 17:12hrs | Views
JAH Master's dancehall hit song Hello Mwari has rekindled an episode that happened some years ago in which popular radio and television presenter Tich Mataz "communicates" with God over the phone at controversial preacher Paul Sanyangore's church service in the capital.

The song Hello Mwari gained popularity after it was recently pitted against Freeman's Muface Wangu song in a Nash TV contest.

In the song, Jah Master fantasises about communicating with God over the phone whenever he has problems.
The song is trending on every social media platform and Tich is delighted as he posts a video clip bragging that he was the first person to communicate with God over the phone.

"Hello Mwari, haa vanhu vaya vazodzidza manje. Paye pandakataura nemi paye vaifunga kuti ndiri kutamba (laughs). Jah Master akazotoimba song inonzi Hello Mwari (laughs) so now you know what I am talking about," Tich says in the clip.

In 2017, Tich Mataz attended Sanyangore's Victory World International Ministries Church service where he reportedly received prophecies from God over the phone and delivered them to some women in the church.

Prior to Tich Mataz's "miracle phone call", Sanyangore had promised to deliver God's phone number to church members, a claim that received mixed reactions then.

However, when the time came for people to receive "God's phone number", several congregants reportedly fell asleep, phones in hand, save for Tich who had been prayed for by Sanyangore.

Tich was therefore directed to listen to prophetic voices on his phone which he delivered to the people.
Tich made his name as a radio and club DJ at state-owned Radio 3 now Power FM and at clubs such as Circus and Club Archies, among others in the capital in the late 1980s.

The-51-year-old disc-jockey-cum-businessman then joined the great trek to South Africa where he worked for 5FM in 1994 before returning to Harare where he presented a number of programmes on Power FM and ZTV before he briefly joined Star FM.

Popular South African DJ Sbu once described Tich Mataz as a trend setter.

"With the great Tich Mataz, he was way ahead of his time. If he had not been deported from South Africa 10 years ago I have no doubt this man would be one of South Africa's billionaires… in his 20s, Tich Mataz was a trend setter… he had a very popular TV show on SABC," DJ Sbu said.

Source - dailynews