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Does the Bible they read teach them to glorify violence, asks Chinamasa

by Satff reporter
20 Aug 2020 at 07:21hrs | Views
In a press briefing following the 343 ordinary session, the revolutionary party acting Secretary for Information and Publicity, Patrick Chinamasa said the Politburo endorsed the President's response to the letter issued by a few bishops and therefore not reflective of the general feeling among Catholics.

"The Politburo endorsed the President's response to a few bishops whose letter has been discredited as (it was) disrespectful, malicious and pandering to the narrative of the splitting MDCs. The Politburo laughed them off and advised them that if they are tired of reading bibles and preaching Godly principles of peace, love and unity, then they are well within their rights to join politics openly rather than seek to do so nicodemously, hiding behind the cross of Christ. We know that Catholic members felt misrepresented by this selfish elite cleric band," said Chinamasa.

Indigenous churches have dismissed the letter by the Catholic Bishops as "ungodly, biased and disrespectful" and the Politburo also asked why the bishops have been silent each time the civil society groups and the MDC Alliance embark on violent protests, burning shops and police vehicles, looting and harassing citizens.

"Does the Bible they read teach them to preach violence or glorify it? We have never seen anywhere in the world where opposition groups have a right to express themselves violently. They have remained mum on the impact of sanctions on this economy and only themselves know why they have chosen that route," said Chinamasa.

Chinamasa said the Politburo noted the "coordinated and systematic social media attacks of the nation by faceless social media robots and ghost accounts meant to spread falsehoods against the situation in our country. The Politburo assured people to never lose sleep over those falsehoods and attacks, knowing fully well that the party and Government are very vigilant and focused on fulfilling the 2018 Manifesto despite the harsh conditions. There is no crisis in Zimbabwe. Covid-19 is all over".

The Politburo resolved to intensify the fight against sanctions and welcomed the stance taken by SADC, at its recently concluded summit, to continue calling for the removal of the illegal economic sanctions affecting, not only Zimbabwe, but the region as a whole. Later this year on October 25, the region will stand up against sanctions and Chinamasa said preparations for the day are in the offing.

Source - the herald