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Waverley Plastics' majority shareholder Amanda Cohen acquitted

by Paul Ndou
14 Feb 2022 at 12:09hrs | Views
Waverley Plastics majority shareholder Amanda Berkowitz nee Cohen has been aquitted of trumped up assault charges by a Mbare magistrate Nyasha Vitorini on Friday.

Berkowitz was accused of insulting self-styled Waverley Plastics Managing Director Aron Vico by calling him a thief and a gay boy Vico reported Berkowitz to the police for calling him fraudster, thief "mbavha" and gay boy during a verbal altercation at Waverly premises in Harare's Graniteside Industrial Area.

According to a police statement, Berkowitz was facing charges of assault and Disorderly conduct as contained in Section 46 and 89 of the Criminal law Codification reform Act, however Berkowitz denies the charges.

Handing down his judgement Vitorini said the charges are baseless and do not constitute a crime because it's a family affair.

"I have heard an opportunity to go through the CCT footage i watched an altercation between the two that is the accused person and the complainant which was submitted by the state, i understand the complainant is nephew to accused person i also looked at the gestures of the complainant and am certified that it was an exchange of words between Aunt and Nephew and there was nothing which led to assault and on that basis the state should have drown a line between assault and exchange of words or conspiracy of fear from assault because the Aunt was just shouting to the Nephew, on that reason the charges are dismissed and the accused found not guilty," said Vitorini.

Waverley Plastics biggest shareholder and daughter to the company's founder Amanda Berkowitz nee Cohen who was facing trumped up assault charges has exposed the self-styled managing Vico's fraudulent behavior.

Last year Berkowitz told Harare Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti- Guvuriro that she's the biggest shareholders in Waverly Plastics.

"I am the majority shareholder of waverley blankets contrary to fake resolution they purport we signed although there is 100% travel evidence and of course the CR2 certificate filed at the companies which proves that I owns majority shares in waverley blankets of 213 shares".

Harare lawyer Kwiriwiri who is representing Berkowitz exposed Vico during cross examination as he had lied that he was assaulted despite video evidence that they were exchanging words.

Vico accompanied by "Pre-paid" police officers at Mbare Magistrate Courts recently.

Together with her sister Belynda Halfon, Cohen is currently embroiled in an inheritance wrangle with Vico, his mother Debra Vico who have allegedly taken control of the late businessman's empire and are accused of sidelining them.

As a counter to the ongoing dispute, Vico pressed assault charges against Cohen and the latter alleges that Vico with the aid of police officers has managed to block reported cases and she has since written to several of the ZRP and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) chairperson Justice Loice Matanda Moyo.

"Vico has also managed to block our very real cases at ZRP/CCD. Our cases include forgeries, fraudulent company documents, theft of company money, illegal dealings, theft of shareholders money and rights. None of these bona fide cases has ever made it to court as Vico has seen to it that they are stalled. Yet, I am charged with fake charges and whisked to Magistrates Court for perjury for stating that I am a subscriber to Waverley Plastics shares.

She claims Vico stole their inheritance and all companies that belonged to their father."Vico does not own these companies he is actually employed there as a manager and from I saw he is doing an abysmal job. He is a thief. He has stolen all our inheritance and all of our companies. Can it be a crime in Zimbabwe to shout at an employee who has stolen all your money? If this is the case the courts would be full of such baseless cases.

"I also called Vico a gay boy. Many people have made mention of this through the years, even my own father told me and he was very disappointed in Vico. Vico just intends to harass and intimidate me and to make us waste our time on vexatious pathetic cases with no merit at law." she said.

Source - Byo24News