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ZAPU statement on the nursing recruitment saga

by ZAPU Presidency
15 Nov 2019 at 12:29hrs | Views
ZAPU has been seized with a fact finding mission for the past 4 weeks following an outcry from the citizens of this country over the recruitment of student nurses. The loudest protestations were from the southern region of the country which felt hard done by the recruitment exercise. The people of the region felt they had not received their expected fair share of the available training vacancies. The citizens claimed that the e-recruitment system introduced by the ministry allegedly on the recommendation of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission had disadvantaged the region while favouring the northern region with particular emphasis on Harare Metropolitan Province.

ZAPU wants DEVOLUTION to be implemented as per the Constitution so that local people benefit from local resources, be it schools, colleges and all other institutions. We therefore urge the government to assist people to access their local resources accordingly. A team was thus set up and sent on a fact finding mission with a mandate to engage the concerned authorities from institutions, ministry and right up to the presidency of the country if need be and gather evidence of this injustice.

Please note that ZAPU already knew the root cause of the injustice that manifested itself in the recruitment exercise. ZAPU knows the solution to this same injustice as well. But due process had to be followed to gather evidence. Evidence has been gathered by our team through its engagement with the affected candidates, local communities, hospital authorities and government right up to the presidency. The injustice and solution are all premised on one principle – the system of governance. The zanu government is refusing, neglecting and failing to implement DEVOLUTION as a system of governance as demanded by the citizens of this country in 2013 and provided for by the Constitution of that same year. Over half a decade and 2 regimes later successive corrupt zanu governments are still afraid to implement DEVOLUTION.

Zimbabwe is increasingly restless as shown by the widespread social decay. Doctors have been on strike for 12 weeks, nurses and teachers are on a 2 day week because they cannot afford to report for duty daily. Both professions as well as the rest of the civil service are threatening full blown industrial action. The government is becoming increasingly intolerant and descending with a heavy arm on citizens who are victims of these social ills. This was clearly shown by the illegal, hurried and ill-advised detention of Brunapeg villagers who had accompanied our team members to engage the authorities at St. Anne's Hospital on Tuesday the 12th of November. Needless to say that the police could not find a charge to prefer against either the villagers or members of our team who were released after a show of intimidation. All this is simply because the corrupt regime of zanu is terrified of implementing DEVOLUTION.

ZAPU, the mother party, will as a parent does to a wayward child force zanu to take and swallow the bitter but necessary medicine to cure the ills afflicting our beloved country. The cure is DEVOLUTION. Zanu has, as a wayward child behaves, abdicated its sworn and obligatory role of upholding, protecting and implementing the Constitution of this country. ZAPU the caring parent will force zanu to uphold, protect and implement the Constitution.
Nn against the continued corrupt and illegal implementation of a centralized e-application system against the dictates of Constitutional Devolution. We cannot continue to watch idly while the government implements corruption instead of DEVOLUTION.

In the same breath we would like to give a gentle warning to all government institutions across all provinces to expect visits from our teams together with aggrieved prospective candidates as well as affected local communities to make certain that they respect DEVOLUTION in their recruitment exercises.

Thank you.

ZAPU Presidency

Source - ZAPU Presidency