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ZAPU wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

by Isaac Mabuka President Zimbabwe African People's Union
24 Dec 2019 at 14:45hrs | Views
Ladies and gentleman, fellow citizens, comrades and friends, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and also good wishes for the year 2020.

2019 has been a hectic year for both ZAPU and the generality of our fellow Zimbabwean citizens as we continue to grapple with economic problems that are as a result of bad and anti people  governance by the ruling regime, characterised by  economic and policy bankruptcy as well as abuse of the constitution and people's rights.

It is the same year that the mother party and the nation of Zimbabwe lost its president and national hero, comrade Dimiso Dabengwa who departed on May 23. It is a loss the party can never adjust to unless we put up a united force, as Dr Dabengwa was a huge pillar of both the party and the nation.

His peaceful nation building and  developmental agenda has been the foundation this country needs for a sustainable development that would benefit all its citizens equally and fairly.

The same year saw ZAPU and indeed the nation lose a number of other cadres. These include Mrs Richardson, Cde Samuel Nkomo, Cde Nikela Nicholas Ndebele, Cde Canaan Ncube and others, leaving the party on mourning throughout the greater part of the year.

A lot of unpleasant events befell our country but we are grateful to God and our Ancestors for giving us strength and wisdom to manoeuvre through the hardships.

Let us, as we start another year, come together and forge a united force against bad governance, corruption, theft, unonstitutionalism, tribalism, nepotism and leadership incompetence as these characterise our Zimbabwean situation today and form part of the root cause of our suffering.

Let me, in the same breath, also reiterate on the importance and necessity of implementing constitutional and political reforms as agreed to during the 2008/9 GNU negotiations and as contained in the new constitution that was adopted in 2013. It is no secret that failure to implement and administer these is the main reason why the country finds itself stuck in a mud puddle and unable to move.

Let us all work at addressing and reversing issues of inequality, political and social domination of others by those privileged by state power by implementing devolution of power as provided for by our constitution. Bastardization of devolution by the ruling regime must be fought by Zimbabweans as we all chart a new chapter in the way our country must be governed.

In wishing all happy holidays, let me take this opportunity to remind citizens to prioritize safety both in the home and on our roads.

While we acknowledge the devastatingly poor state of our roads, let me urge our drivers to exercise extreme caution so as to preserve lives while using them.  For those travelling, please ensure your homes are secured so that we do not suffer unnecessary losses while away.

Let us all remember to share our happiness with those who are vulnerable and economically disadvantaged among us.

Let love and compassion be amongst us.

Isaac Mabuka
Zimbabwe African People's Union

Source - Isaac Mabuka