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1893 MHRRM Bayethe Board of Directors Says Happy 2020

by 1893 Bayethe Board of Directors
01 Jan 2020 at 08:35hrs | Views
Year 2019 was a great year for the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM). We reflect in the great progress that has been made thus far. The Year saw the Movement building up on its 13th November 2016 vision of its conceptualization, establishment and founding. That vision is continuosly being robustly persued with a hawkish commitment and utmost dedication as well as an indefatigable spirit to achieve results.

In 2019, Movement focused mainly on its internal operational issues, ensuring it is registered in 3 countries, namely Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It also ensured that it eyed and used strategic platforms in Africa and in the Diaspora to advance its aims and goals and create useful  networks for the future. As a result, it now has a Chapter in East Africa.

Its partnership with uLoyiko, a South African theatre group on Matebeleland Genocide has been rock solid for years and making great strides and progress. It is destined for greater progress on Human Rights and Justice issues in the future. The symbiotic partnership has seen great progress being made thus far.

The Movement has also been reforming and rebranding itself. It has moved away from secretariat roles to Directorship roles. It has been hard graft requiring dedication and utmost commitment and motivation to get this far.

In 2019, the Movement got involved in a number of public programmes. In Africa, the Movement succesfully attended The Global Fellowship Citizen Programme in East Africa and created sustainable networks from this platform.

In the UK one such important programme was the Genocide Memorial Day that saw a Holocaust Genocide survivor, Dr Martin Stern being a guest speaker to the event, thereby creating a fruitful network for the future.

Already the Movement is invited to bring materials on Matebeleland Genocide to be displayed alongside one of the Holocaust libraries in the UK. Its work in progress that must be fulfilled in 2020.

The Movement will also be launching its website in Year 2020 as a strategic serious onslaught on its aims and projects. It is long overdue.

The Movement, while making baby steps of progress,  is poised to grow and glow in Year 2020, building on its yearly building blocks since 2016 and building lasting partnerships with human rights and civic organisations and universities and prominent figures.

In 2019, the Movement was at South Bank University, a UK university interacting with diverse students and lecturers from different backgrounds about Matebeleland Genocide. That was a great eye opener for the Movement. Universities are within sight of our rolling 2020 Year programmes as we step up issues to achieve progress and impact.

Over the past 3 years, the Movement ensured that the 1893 year of the destruction of Matebeleland Kingdom was brought sharply into the radar of public domain. Today,  1893 is a buzz year in all our Matebeleland narratives. It is at the centre of our narratives, at the centre of Matebeleland causes.

The naming of the organization after that significant year was a deliberate and calculated move meant to achieve the Restoration of our History in the public domain upon which Matebeleland causes can emanate. It all  began on 13th November 2016, when for the first time ever, an organization was  named after that significant year in Matebeleland's National History.

 But most importantly in 2019, the 1893 MHRRM took a step further and declared the month of November the Matebeleland History Month of the Year. It is hoped that the month of November 2020 going forward will be a month filled with historical  events and narratives of our great, iconic and indefatigable Nation that has weathered down many storms and survived.

Our Right to Our History is sacrosanct. We are what we are because of our History. Our iconic and formidable history must  be lived by us and our future generations. We must be proud of it and use it for the greater good of our Nation.

We take this opportunity to say Happy 2020. Be prepared to walk with us. We are prepared to walk with you on the platform of the Restoration of The Human Rights our our people and others around the World.

1893 Bayethe Board of Directors

Source - 1893 Bayethe Board of Directors