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Tysonwabantu Movement Statement on ama Shurugwi

by Ntokozo Msipha
10 Jan 2020 at 18:26hrs | Views
Lets unite in our numbers & confront massacre of our people by government sponsored Amashurugwi_

Our movement has mandate to be a weapon in the hands of the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. We are a beacon of hope & inspiration for a generation that seeks to fight for its emancipation.

The battle is butressed fought and won by mass mobilization and unity of the masses.

To this date at least 300 people have been killed by machete welding, Owen Mudha Ncube led and Mnangagwa owned ama Shurugwi gangs.

Law enforcement officers cannot touch them because they are owned by the president himself.

If we as the masses of Zimbabwe don't put a stop to it, we will all perish. You might read about it today and tomorrow they will be at your door step and butcher you and your entire family.

We can upon all iMovement Yabantu members in your millions let's get up and act.

Those of us who work for international media outlets let's bring attention of the world to this genocide.

To our members who are human rights lawyers let's bring the attention of the International Criminal Court on the genocide happening.

To our members from various political parties let's unite for mass protests. We call on all political leaders who have the people of Zimbabwe at heart to call on their structures and lead from the front with us.
Let us put our selfish interests aside.

To all our people, all of us, every one this is a call to you. Let's all unite in one voice & say zvakwana| sokwanele. Do not wait until the machetes are at your door step.

They will deploy soldiers on us on the streets but they will not kill us all.  
We have more than 1 million people who have joined imovement yabantu, consider this an instruction *" Mobilize Mobilize for Mass Action".*

All of us have a duty to be the vanguard of our communities. *Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize*

To our soldiers, especially Commander Zimbabwe Defence Forces PV Sibanda, Mdawini is this the legacy you want to leave behind that the military you led could not defend the citizens from machete butchers. Saphela Sibanda shuwa wena ukhona, when they finally kill us all sifike sithini Ku Lookout Masuku?

The radical mass movement yabantu calls for mass action. If the military is not deployed to act against amashurugwi we will act.

Leading from the from the front we will announce on this platform dates and plans.

We are a weapon in the hands of the masses. We are very confident of our mass mobilization capacity.

*iMovement Yabantu*
#tysonwabantu movement

Inserted by Ntokozo Msipha @sokusileboy

Source - Ntokozo Msipha