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Africans are not human guinea pigs

by Iphithule Thembani Maphosa
04 Apr 2020 at 11:13hrs | Views
While the whole world really confronts  the Codiv-19 virus  and having lost already thousands of people in Asia, in Europe and in America, precisely in the United States, we, Africans must go farther than everyone. 

According to Jean-PaulMra a French doctor and Camille Locht, Africa is a huge laboratory full of prostitutes  in which studies and tests of all kinds can be done. This shameless racism is deplorable.

It must be stated categorically that many Africans have never gone to France to beg for life that the French doctors feel we are lesser humans.  We are all undergoing difficult times where it is not necessary to raise provocative emotions.

Why not go to China where it all started? What logic is there in rushing to Africa ignoring their Italian and Spanish neighbours who are perishing today? We condemn unreservedly this unjustifiable insult. 

These French missed a little bit in hiding their deep racism.

Iphithule Thembani kkaMaphosa (National Spokesperson-ZAPU. Zimbabwe.)

Source - Iphithule Thembani Maphosa