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Zimbabwe Independence; Null and Void - MLF

by MLF
19 Apr 2020 at 07:37hrs | Views
While as Mthwakazi people together with the world battle the scourge of covid19 which is ravaging our communities mercelessly, we (on this 18 April 2020), feel a respite for at least being saved from seeing the ugly face of blood-thirsty Mnangagwa and cabal celebrating their 40th independence at Bourberfields in Bulawayo.

This day, to Mnangagwa and his band of killers, would have marked their celebration of genocide they commited on Mthwakazi continuously which took tens of thousands of innocent people's lives, robbed families of bread winners, several women raped and later bayonated to rip open their wombs, children compelled to huddle behind doors fearing Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Shiri's tyranny unleashed relentlessly on them for ONLY being Ndebele. It is mind boggling when reading an insincere speech from Mnangagwa which was set for presentation at BF to portray himself as a rational unifier, an inclusive and visionary leader when deep in his evil heart, he knows that he means the opposite.
In fact, he had hoped people would all gather at the  Barbourfields Stadium for him and cabal to see how many we have now become so that they devise yet another subtle strategy to wipe us out from the face of the earth. God intervened and saved us from Mnangagwa and Zanupf predation through this unprecedented pandemic otherwise Mthwakazi would be faced with two threats, from Mnangagwa's zanupf and the corona virus on the other hand.

As a people, we cannot again fall into their trap disguised as 'national unity '(as though he knows what that means) and assume he is sincere. This is a man known for his heartlessness and cold bloodedness across the length and breadth of Mthwakazi. This is a man who still leads the intransigent genocidal zanupf which since 1980, has gerrymandered constituencies and even census in Mthwakazi for their political expediecy and to just their profanity. Mthwakazi people have nothing to celebrate on that date since independence and democracy remain elusive and too lofty a goal even todate to our population. Instead, the appearance of Mnangagwas face in Zanupf regalia is a painful reminder of the most brutal regime known in living memory only comparable to that of Polpot of Cambodia in 1975s. His face befits all evil humans have ever seen. Mnangagwa and zanupf have even gone to the extent of destroying the country's once thriving economy just to keep Mthwakazi subdued and in harsh manacles of oppression and repression. His insincere speech only gives Mthwakazi more impetus to want out of this man-made disaster called Zimbabwe because everyone including children know that co-existence with his people failed from inception and can never succeed despite daily cohensions.

Therefore, believing Mnangagwas fallacy is tantamount to believing anything - it's like asking a hyena to guard one's sheep. We have said it before and continue to say it even longer that in order for peace to prevail in that country, zanupf government should let go of Mthwakazi so that Zimbabweans can concetrate on developing their suffocating country and we also be free to manage ours which they continue clutch illegally by all brutal means they choose. There shall never be peace nor prosperity in forced co- habitation. It has failed in many countries like in the now defucnt USSR for example and in Sudan here in Africa. Mnangagwa is advised to stop flogging a dead horse hoping for miracles - bundling Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi is illegal and it also a known failed project and no amount of lies can breathe life into that dangerous arrangement.

As MLF, we challenge Mnangagwa's zanupf government to put Mthwakazi plight to a referendum instead of using violence and vitriolics like "pasi........" to suppress it because it always remain intrusive and even stronger. Robert Mugabe died a bitter oldman because he too failed to do the right thing- of letting Mthwakazi go her way. History is judging him accordingly wherever he is and the same shall happen to the entirety of the deaf zanupf rulers. Your 'rape' like independence celebrations are null and void to the people of Mthwakazi and to anyone in their normal senses - in fact, they have always been - only that people have always have always been forced to attend otherwise both Mugabe and Mnangagwa would have addressed empty stadia in Mthwakazi. Writings are always on the walls Mnangagwa and zanupf refuse to read with presence of mind because they are keen to shed more innocent blood and call that heroism and leadership! After the 2017 coup, Mnangagwa came up with devolution of power, a concept he clearly does not understand because what he does is simply a replica of what his disposed mentor tyrant Mugabe did.

For the umpteenth time, we call upon Mnangagwa to put Mthwakazi independence to a referandum and let the people of Mthwakazi speak along the lines of hos rhetoric that ' the voice of the people, is the voice of God' hoping he means the Almighty God. Time for him to listen to God through his people is now and stop masquarading as a visionary without a semblance of any. If the case of Mthwakazi is put to a referandum and people declare allegience to zanupf and Zimbabwe , you shall then sleep in peace knowing that you have quelled dissent in a civilised way and not by your known brutal means. It has been proven the world over that ' no one , not even the most powerful forces, can stop an idea whose time has come ' it can only be delayed and with costs which i hope neither you nor us want. Do the right thing and let the will of the people prevail and you shall go into history books for one good reason at least than to also leave a legacy of tyranny like your predecessor. Freeing Mthwakazi is a double unlocking process because Zimbabwe too, like Mthwakazi shall be free and prosper.

On our part, we have already drawn terms of separation and we are very keen to share them with you and your government because time to sober up is now or history will judge us harshly.

Source - MLF

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