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Villagers revert to barter trade as cash crisis escalates

by Stephen Jakes
19 Dec 2019 at 10:30hrs | Views
Struck by serious shortage of cash at the time they need to purchase various goods such as food and household property, villagers in Matabeleland South's Matobo district are reported to be now resorting to barter trade.

Some youth in the district who embarked in self help projects find it difficult to sell their products as people have no cash. They indicated that this is forcing them to engage into barter trade.

Barter is a system of exchanging goods with goods.

One of the youth Thubelihle Dube of Kezi said the community in which they operate struggles to find cash hence the only option available for them to sell their products is through barter trade.

The youth are into sewing projects  and they produce products such as  curtains, blankest, sheets and bedspreads.

"I trade my goods for goats, chickens and even cows. l then sell the animals so that l can boost my business," Dube said.

The youth operate under Sizimele project which was formed in August last year by a group of 50 youths in every ward.

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Source - Stephen Jakes