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MLF does not condone criminal activities

by Stephen Jakes
27 Jan 2020 at 06:05hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front has said it does not condone acts of criminality in its people following an incident of a Zimbabwean from Matabeleland Prymore Moyo who allegedly shot and killed a police man in South Africa recently.

MLF spokesperson Ndabezinh;le Fuyane said it is an utter disgrace that some of the people turn to animals in the lands that are sheltering them and go about killing, stealing and or robbing people. 

"Mthwakazi was never founded along those principles and we warn any of Mthwakazi's nationals who commit such activities to stop. The cold blood killing of a Johanneburg police officer by a boy from Mthwakazi , is one incident we shall live to condemn," he said.

"It is one of the incidents that end up affecting the lives of the innocent people who are outside the country to fend for their families genuinely. We don't want to see that happening. Our people have nowhere to be employed in Zimbabwe and they desperately need employment opportunities outside our borders and we cannot allow a situation where they will be victimized and lose the hard earned belongings and opportunities because of one ill mannered person."

Hew said in that light, we call upon all  peace loving Mthwakazi people to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in their areas of residence and stamp out this ongoing rot. 

"As an organisation and a people, we would like to convey our heart felt condolences to the family of the police officer who became a victim of our child's ills. We sencerely beg for the South African nation's apology. In that light again, we would like to correct the police officer who is heard on the video footage showing the  culprit in police custody, painting all foreign nationals in South Africa with the same brush," he said.

"That is wrong of the law enforcer to twist the laws of the country. Not even the biological parents of the accused shall shoulder his sins. With him apprehended, we believe the law will play its part."

Source - Byo24News