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Prophet's love potion a hit with women

by Staff Reporter
13 Jan 2020 at 20:38hrs | Views
A self-styled prophet from Masvingo and leader of Miracle Healing and Deliverance (MHD) Ministries Isaac Makomichi has become the go-to guy for desperately single ladies in Masvingo and surrounding areas after he brought a highly effective love potion from Ghana that is said to make women irresistibly attractive to men.

The love potion, a source claimed, which is selling like hot cakes is also popular with commercial sex workers and estranged lovers, who want to get back lost love amid increasing cases of divorce in the country.

Prophet Makomichi hogged the limelight in 2017 after he allegedly caught two suspected naked witches red-handed at a congregant's house in the upmarket suburb of Rhodene.

A visit to the youthful prophet, who prefers to conduct his business discreetly, revealed that the charm is also a hit in town among married women who also visit his house in the wee hours in order to avoid being seen.

Some women come from outside Masvingo and most of them of high social standing prefer doing it on the down low.

Investigations show that those who want the charm have to part with US dollars as a bottle costs US$5 and US$7 depending on size.  

The charm is sold either in liquid or powder form, depending on the prescriptions given.

"I have visited the Prophet because of the desire to strengthen my marriage. In my ten years of marriage I have been forced to return to my parents thrice following domestic violence as my husband is an abusive man.

"However, since I started using the lucky charm, the situation has remarkably improved. There is now peace in the home and I get everything I want. He now reports home early from work as opposed to the time I was not using the charm," said an unnamed woman.

A thigh vendor, who identified herself as Nomatter Mago and plies her trade at Manhede Bar at Siski business centre, said she was now getting more clients than before.

"The charm works wonders because since I started using it, I am now on demand. I rarely go home empty handed," said Mago.

Contacted for comment Prophet Makomichi said it was always God's desire to mend marriages and relationships when falling apart, adding that he was fulfilling the Almighty's desires.

"I am only an instrument of God helping restore lost love between couples. If there is anything that God hates it is divorce, so the charm works to prevent disunity in the home. My aim is to reduce divorce cases as it is always the children who suffer when parents divorce. Some say it's a traditional herb, that is not it, I am a man of God and I believe in the use of water," said Makomichi

However, Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) provincial chairman Mr Prosper Mpofu popularly known as Sekuru Mhofu rubbished Makomochi's claim saying he was up to no good by giving unsuspecting desperate women things that can be detrimental to health.

"The youthful man is not a prophet, but a fake traditional healer who wants to cause mayhem in Masvingo. Some claim he got the charm from Ghana and we all know that prophets from that country look for money.

"As Zinatha, we are sceptical of such people and by right that must be stopped. Lucky charms cannot be used in people's marriages People should visit our offices if they have natural problem so that we refer to the right people, not such unregistered people seeking to eke out a living from fake prophecy," said Mr Mpofu.
Source - B-Metro