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The ANC is never the same

06 Sep 2019 at 16:44hrs | Views
It is mind boggling to hear the ANC classifying Robert Mugabe among heroes of the African soil or they lack the understanding of what a hero is. In the recent years, the DA crafted an election campaign that said " iANC Ayisafani," which aimed at bringing to light all its failure post the Mandela era. Indeed, the ANC has differed in many ways since then. In fact the new crop of the leadership of ANC has not just differed but it has sold out African revolutionary family that fought alongside and embraced it during the struggle for independence. In the late 90s, the only true post independence leader of the ANC received verbal attacks from new leadership' saint, calling him a 'prisoner' because Mandela strong opposed his monster attitude towards the political crises that the DRC was faced with. Since then the ANC has changed and bootlicked Mugabe and ZANU.They have forgotten their origins and thus they do not have roots and have become shaky and the organization bound to be blown away by strong political winds. It is clear why today there is the EFF. The ANC cannot be trusted. Its classification of Mugabe as a hero speaks volumes of the direction this historic organization is heading to. Bet me you, it is not long before it is an opposition party in a country that it liberated. I now believe it has a hand in the Marikana killings and the deaths of Esidimeni and that is what makes them see a saint in Mugabe and ZANU pf. They are perambulating together.

In the history of ANC's liberation struggle, not even the Whites paused a serious threat like Mugabe and ZANU. Hundreds of uMkhonto weSizwe  and Zipra cadres were ambushed and killed in called blood by the Zanlas that were led by the very same 'angel' that the ANC is following its signs today. Hundreds more were further killed in the Freedom Camp in Zambia, Mugabe's ZANU having snitched them. How gruesomely were they killed. Young and undertrained girls sprayed with bullets from the air, trying to flee the site of bombardment.

As if that was not enough, through the fighting prowess the uMkhonto weSizwe and the Zipras, Zimbabwe was finally delivered from the colonial bondage. What Mugabe did was to deny the ANC and MK cadres shelter in the country they had liberated through their sweat and blood, thereby delaying the independence of South Africa by 14 more year. The present day President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa set one of the meetings together with the late Samora Machel of Mozambique and the Colonial regime of South Africa where they resolved to force break the unity of the MK and Zipra and force the MK back into the camps in Zambia. It is the same Emmerson Mnangagwa that the MK leader, Jacob Zuma hid from his fellow serial killer Robert Mugabe back in 2017. Barely a year after independence, the ANC' saint Mugabe unleashed terror on Mthwakazi/Matabeleland people and the ANC and MK cadres that were housed in Matabeleland/Mthwakazi. Over 80 000 Mthwakazi people were killed in cold blood. Hundreds of MK cadres were killed and some thrown in the mine shaft of Bhalagwe alive, among the dead. We wonder if leadership of the ANC has ever told that tale to the families of those victims, the cadres who wore ANC in their sleeves.

Millions of Mthwakazi people were as a result, displaced with South Africa witnessing mass exodus of them into its borders.
Later in the late 90s,  the very satanic saint turned on the White community of that country beating them up, severely torturing, killing some and forcefully grabbing their properties. He rigged the elections, abducted and killed hundreds of opposition leaders and followers. More people with Zimbabwean identity flooded the South African borders and that is when that great difference starts to be seen. Instead of President Thabo Mbeki calling Mugabe to order, he opted for what he called 'Quiet Diplomacy'. He idolised and showered all sorts of heroic praises to the murderer and irresponsible leader who was becoming a serious contributor towards the socioeconomic problems of South Africa. One wonders what good was Mbeki doing for South Africa yet inviting the unfortunate incidents like Xenophobia. President Jacob Zuma was no difference to Mbeki, he hid and warmed the snake (Mnangagwa) that had bitten his children (MK) to death. Today it is the administration of Cryil Ramaphosa that is showering Mugabe with the heroic praises as well. Indeed, the ANC is never the same.

Mugabe deserves not better praises than the villain boos. He is worst and shameless devil who killed and saw no reason to seek apology to his surviving victims. We believe chaos, corruption and the smell of death has struck the place where he is right now. We believe not even the Lucifer himself wants him on his camp. It is lucky however that he died of natural causes. He deserved death through the gallows. We hope he will be able to face all his victims up there. Let no Mthwakazi person mourn him and let no flag flies low in Mthwakazi for him.

Source - Sibangani Ngwenya
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