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RMS Vehicle pushing tribalism

09 Sep 2019 at 10:00hrs | Views
It has come to my attention that there is a spirited effort by a Mr Chifamba and a Mutakaya and previously "Taruvinga who have since retired, to eliminate all Ndebele people from work at RMS. The cases of tribalism against our Ndebele people are so rife such that in that department of RMS there are currently less than ten people from Matabeleland.

Our people are being systematically excluded and or eliminated from work, they are made to work on probation for five to ten years without being made permanent, while Shona relatives, friends and accomplices are employed permanently within three to six months.

The drivers from within Matabeleland are given old trucks, that are not properly serviced while Mashonaland drivers at RMS always get preferential treatment, most of them are not even qualified let alone experienced drivers, mechanics and or professionals of any kind. They are damaging the infrastructure at will, stealing the state resources for personal benefit and they are protecting each other at all cost.

Recently Ndebele senior drivers were fired without any explanation and were replaced by drivers from Mashonaland, they are yet to be paid their back pays and or benefits. Both NRZ and RMS are parastatals under the ministry of transport and headquartered in Bulawayo but they are staffed by Mashonaland people at the expense of locals.

We are seriously disappointed by the level of intolerance in this country let alone the deliberate exclusion of our people.

Even the inclusion of Devolution of power in the new Constitution did not deter people from Mashonaland from tribalism and nepotism. If left unresolved these issues they end up causing unnecessary conflict in the country. The government must work towards equality, fair distribution of national resources and criminalization of tribalism, nepotism, looting and disregard for rule of law.

Matabeleland people have for years now been relying on mostly neighbouring South Africa and Botswana for employment and business, now that the two neighbours are now failing to accommodate them, chances are that the majority are now contemplating coming back home and if the tribalistic government is not ready to fairly share the national cake to it's citizens a xenophobic scenario will be witnessed here in the near future.

Devolution of power must be implemented across the board and all the citizens must be treated fairly without any prejudices to the other tribes. Though we are worried that the government is not ready to fairly share the national cake considering deputy Information minister's sentiments that Ndebele people are foreigners here which is an unwritten Government position, only confirmed by the 1979 grand plan.

If these and other issues are not resolved there can not be peace in the country.

Finally I am very much disappointed by the toothless Human Rights Commission, National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, and the so called ZACC these commissions don't serve the interests of the people and are a burden to the tax payers. Why are they even in existence?

Nothing for us without us.

Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Gumbo
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