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'Russians sincerely grieved over dictator Stalin' they didn't know better, Zimbabweans have no such excuse

10 Sep 2019 at 06:53hrs | Views
"On 5 March 1953 an event took place that shattered Russia - the death of Stalin. I found it almost impossible to imagine him dead, so much had he been an indispensable part of life," wrote Evgenii Evtushenko in his book Precocious Autobiography.

"A sort of general paralysis came over the country. Trained to believe that Stalin was taking care of everyone, people were lost and bewildered without him. The whole of Russia wept. So did I. We wept sincerely with grief and perhaps also with fear for the future."

The funeral crowd in Trubnaia Square, Moscow, was so huge that many were crushed to death. The state reported of 109 killed but, given this was a state with well documented contemptuous disregard for truth and suffering and death of povo, many believe the figure was much higher than that.
No doubt, there will be the usual bused-in crowd, at Mugabe's funeral and few, if anyone at all, share the same emotions of shock, awe, reverence and fear Stalin evoked. For decade or so after independence Robert Mugabe had worn the aura of invincibility, an image he and the party had actively cultivated in the heroic exploits of Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF leaders in the liberation struggle. The nation held him in awe then. The economic and political reality forced the people to open their eyes and forced them to see the real Mugabe - a corrupt and murderous tyrant, not the invincible liberation hero the regime claimed.

Mugabe promised the nation mass prosperity, "Gutsa ruzhinji!" only to delivered mass poverty.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF were supposed to "tell prisoners that they were prisoners no more and set the downtrodden free!", to borrow from an Evangelical ballad. To secure absolute power for themselves, they imposed a de facto one-party dictatorship; denying the people their basic freedoms and rights included the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life.  

Whatever lingering illusions of liberation hero Mugabe had they were shuttered when he was booted out of office in the November 2017 military coup. It was his coup de grace. The same brain-dead thugs who had ruthless imposed the dictatorship that kept in power for 37 years turned on him and forced him to step down at gun point. Zimbabweans poured out into the streets in support of the coup plotters; proof, if Mugabe still needed it, that povo too were sick and tired of him and were thrilled to see him go.

Mugabe tried to use SADC leaders, the naive and gullible Nelson Chamisa and his MDC party, etc. to stage a comeback but all to no avail. When the reality that he was not invincible after all finally dawned on Mugabe, it must have been a hammer blow to an ant! The Devil had his due and not even the five star and no-expense-spared hospital care could keep death at bay.

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust!    

Most Russians did not know the real Joseph Stalin when he died. It took a decade or so for the truth to filler out, the true Joseph Stalin was a corrupt and ruthless tyrant who had sent millions of poorly equipped Russians to the deaths into the war. He condemned millions more suffer and die in concentration camps in Siberia. Zimbabweans have had the chance to know the real, the corrupt and murderous, Robert Mugabe before he died.

If the people of Zimbabwe still judge Mugabe a hero then it will not be because anyone had hidden the truth of the real Mugabe, the corrupt and murderous dictator, from them. It has all been laid bear for all to see. But of course, it is not all who see who comprehend.

Man is a creature of reason gifted with a discerning mind to know right from wrong, separate the goat from the sheep. It will be bad enough for a handful of individuals to fail to see a dictator when after they are presented with a mountain of evidence; it is a shock when hundreds of thousands still insist judge a dictator a hero!

Of course, the failure to distinguish a hero from a dictator explains why Zimbabwe has failed to end the Zanu PF dictatorship these last 39 years. But worse still, why the nation will never ever dismantle the dictatorship and have a healthy and functional democracy. Never ever!

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