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Closure of the University of Zimbabwe a callous act

10 Sep 2019 at 20:05hrs | Views
The ZANU (PF) aligned leadership at the University of Zimbabwe needs to be challenged by the students including seeking a Court interdict. It is indeed a fitting tribute to their departed hero who caused so much suffering in life that even in death he should continue to torment them. The irony is lost to his violence graduates running the institution that while claiming he improved education in Zimbabwe, the students will on his account if they accept this inhuman treatment sleep out of their halls residence. The lame excuse of mourning - indeed shedding crocodile tears is quickly dissipated by the demand for the hall of residence to accommodate, the so-called mourners commandeered from the rural areas. The fact that thousands are roaming the streets unemployable while others are graduates cleaning South African toilets as gloried clowns in gowns is lost to those claiming that Zimbabweans are educated. Education has never been an end in itself. The destruction of the economy has been systemic and catastrophic.

The impunity and callous hand is at it again. That same hand that guided Gukurahundi to slaughter on tribal basis 20000 Mthwakazi people. That same hand that ripped open pregnant Mthwakazi women to remove "dissidents". That evil hand that invaded farms regardless of the law on purely a racial card. That unforgiving hand that evicted people through Operation Murambatsvina and put them in the cold with some children and residents dying  in the process. That intolerant hand that masterminded the violence against MDC supporters leaving a trail of destruction. That cold hand that chased Zimbabweans into the diaspora in their millions through economic mismanagement and puerile policies that have continued to collapse the economy into ruins. That violent hand that was seen on the Harare streets in August 2018 and in Bulawayo and Harare in January 2019 leaving hundreds injured and some dead. Is the same hand that today demands that students vacate the premises at such short notice. Some of the students came from as far as Bulawayo. That selfish hand does not care. Some of the students have no bus fare, but the selfish hand is unconcerned. The girls will be left vulnerable to abuse, but the hand so long accustomed to abusing the nation is not interested.

This is not how heroes are celebrated. This is not how we can give a confidence of a new chapter. The University of Zimbabwe must reverse this callous and shameful act of betrayal. When Joshua Nkomo was buried at the Heroes Acre in 1999 the University was never closed. Students travelled from the University for his interment and one wonders what madness has afflicted this new administration. The students must assert their rights and reaffirm the observance of their dignity. Indeed we are burying Robert Mugabe, but that hand remains and the University of Zimbabwe has just shown it to the impoverished and suffering students. It is a hand of shame. A hero is not celebrated by what they found, but by what they left behind. On the issue of heroism, the V11 forms are overwhelmingly showing otherwise.

Source - Lizwe Dube
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