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Mugabe's death, an omission of justice

14 Sep 2019 at 11:56hrs | Views
It is with profound grief and sadness to learn that RG. Mugabe,  the first prime minister and indeed the first executive president of the independent Zimbabwe passed away in Singapore on Friday the 6th of September 2019 without accounting for the heinous crimes on humanity that he committed wantonly on the unarmed civilian population within the boundaries of Zimbabwe. Clearly,  some people are above human laws and are able to dodge justice in daylight until they die.

To us as MLF, this stands to confirm and assert the notion that ' justice delayed is justice denied'. Once again our bleeding nation has been denied justice and it looks set to continue to as long as murderers and rapists remain at the helm and manipulating the levers of power to suit their evil motives. As if this is not enough, we are appalled by some so-called leaders and luminaries across political and cultural decide trying frantically to clean Mugabe of what he was even when he is dead and portray him as a saviour and a philanthropist. This tells of how heavy handed Mugabe was that people can even fear his remains .  To any rational and upright person,  this is grossly unfair to both the dead others and the still living alike because they know very well that Robert Mugabe was a villain who only cared about himself all his time and even on his death bed.
Robert Mugabe,  during his hay days,  presided over genocide,  multiple rapes,  abductions,  arbitrary arrests, torture and displacement of over a million innocent people he purportedly stood to liberate at the dawn of Africanism. He was never true to the ideals of the struggle for independence.  Mugabe is a known tribalist,  supremacist and a bigot who read history upside down to placate only his protracted ego. He robbed people of their inherent rights,  livelihoods and freedoms while hoodwinking the region and the world to believe that he was a Messiah.  He talked right but walked left always. Robert Mugabe was and still is an embodiment of all evil and intolerance.

Those trying to clean him today because he is gone,  have no aorta of humanity in them and must be ashamed of blatant lies they are peddling on whatever media suits them and for their ulterior motives. They are simply going against what all the inhabitants  of binary Zimbabwe  know only too well Robert was capable of during his era.  Suffices to call them,  conspirators in the failed attempt to exterminate other humans on the basis of ethnicity and political beliefs. These are the very irresponsible and crooked adults who have shielded him from prosecution until he died. These are the very irresponsible adults and angels of doom who have the audacity to claim that Mthwakazi people whom they continue butchering at will are foreigners in Zimbabwe. These are the very people who want to claim sole ownership of the land between Limpopo  and Zambezi river as though they germinated there when history  has it that they also immigrated from the Great Lakes regions. These are very irresponsible adults who are bent on changing history to suit their circumstances because they do not have traceable history and so they wish to bloat impeccable history of other nations.

Therefore, Robert  Mugabe has died with countless crimes hanging over his head, a reason he would have preferred  to die in office in order to escape prosecution. If there is justice in the land of the departed,  then definitely Robert still has to be tried there and punished endlessly for what he did to God's people.
The legacy Robert leaves behind,  is that of hate,  mistrust,  dishonest, rape, theft and wanton murders. He has left the nation worse off than it was prior to the so-called Zimbabwean independence. Robert hijacked people's independence and freedoms and turned them into self aggretisement oblivious of the suffering that his actions subsequently caused across the country, region and the world.

Today,  Zimbabwe  is a laughing mess that is belittled by many progressive citizens of the globe. Zimbabwe is now a begging bowl of Africa down from being the bread basket of southern Africa - thanks to the tyrant Robert Mugabe. As he goes,  he leaves the Zimbabwean mess in the hands of another clueless murderer,  his disciple and buddy in crime,  Emmerson Mnangagwa. With his remaining accomplices, no peace nor prosperity is in sight for Zimbabwe because he left to them his Bible of treachery and all evil and they implement his teachings to the latter and in some cases even going beyond him.  The future is grim. The only way for his predecessors  to see light of the day and put Zimbabwe on the right track, is ONLY by allowing  Mthwakazi to stand alone and determine her future without hindrance or interference from them.
The binary Zimbabwe has suffered immensely in the hands of tyrants who would even prefer to spend the meagre resources  the country is left with to police and subdue Mthwakazi.  It is therefore mind sobering that since their godfather Mugabe failed to obliterate Mthwakazi  from the face of the earth,  they too must let go of Mthwakazi  and work  towards improving  the livelihoods  of their chosen people - the Shona - and let Mthwakazi pursue it's  aspirations and ideals.  The binary Zimbabwe is simply too big for the inept Emmerson and horde to manage-they need a relatively smaller area to run otherwise the country  continues  to nose dive in all areas that matter and to no avail.
The issue of where the tyrant Mugabe should be buried ought to be left to his accomplices but it would be prudent if he were to be put together with his other murderers at the so called Heroes Acre.

As MLF,  we shall not miss him at all but will stand aggrieved that he evaded justice while he lived with the living. We are very bitter that he escaped justice by being shielded by Mnangagwa, Perence Shiri and zanupf. We are equally concerned that his departure has set a wrong precedence which Mnangagwa and others cherish and would like to follow and evade justice for their known crimes and which they too know.
However,  we do have solace in that crimes of such magnitude cannot be wished away and just vanish meaning that those who still commit same or similar  crimes stand condemned too and shall never know peace even when they die.

As MLF,  we say Robert Mugabe,  like his surviving accomplices, is a criminal and has died as such and shall only be remembered  as such. Robert and his conspirators in crime shall go into history  books for all the bad and uneviable reasons.
One cannot imagine a man of his stature,  who destroyed all institutions of the once prosperous country,  dying in hospitals of foreign lands even when the country has qualified medical personnel to attend to him.  Currently,  we even see the same trend with the surviving murderers further emptying the country's coffers to get medical treatment abroad while the innocent perish in hospitals  these criminals  single handedly destroyed. Their medical bills are paid for by the very people they seek to exterminate. They loot resources of the country and spend them abroad only to return in coffins-Zimbabwe has been reduced into graveyard  by these Mugabemaniacs.  Such observations only fuel  and heighten our resolve as the oppressed Mthwakazi people to want out of this man made mess called Zimbabwe  which is now only a legacy of the heartless and remorseless tyrants who have no clue nor will to improve the lives of the masses.

Even Mnangagwa's gods cannot hear the voices of the down trodden  people but his only so he too shall go the Mugabe way leaving people with gaping wounds and scars that can never heal.  They undoubtedly will always leave the nation bleeding from wounds which they inflict relentlessly. The sight of them nauseates.


Source - Andrea Sibanda -MLF SG
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