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What is his legacy?

14 Sep 2019 at 19:35hrs | Views
Sometimes haters magnify your small mistakes to make them look so big so that the good which you have done is obscured by lies. I would describe Mugabe as generally a good person, a good and intelligent teacher and later President of Zimbabwe .

Mugabe was a courageous man who loved his country that he sacrificed to leave his profession in Ghana to come and lead a dangerous liberation struggle. Mugabe was jailed for 10 years yet upon his release from jail he went and led the war of liberation struggle in Mozambique.If this sacrifice and courage does not contribute to his heroism then what are the qualities of true heroes in Zimbabwe?

Smith did committed a number of atrocities during the war. He butchered blacks in and outside Zimbabwe.We were expecting Mugabe to remove Smith's head soon after independence but this was not the case, Smith died of natural causes years after independence. Mugabe united a divided nation.His message was "let us turn our swords into plough shares." If this does not contribute to his heroism credentials then what are the qualities of Zimbabwean true heroes?

Mugabe was a good speaker, an orator per excellent. He was loved way back in the 80s.It was a privilege to attend his rallies or attend his meetings and even a higher privilege to shake his hand. People loved and liked him indeed.They liked and loved him until his death. Tarasikigwa zvikuru.

I remember attending Grade one at Ndabambi Primary School in 1981.The school had been ruined by war. Roofs were removed and walls damaged by guns, there were no desks and benches to sit on. We used to sit on the cold floors sharing two or three classes which were there. However, Mugabe changed the image of school infrastructure not for Ndabambi Primary School alone but in the rest of the  country. By 1985 our school had fully been reconstructed. We were getting free books, free pens, free rubbers and free everything from Mugabe's government. Today who can doubt that Zimbabwe is number one in literacy rate in Africa?  Who can question Mugabe's heroism qualities?

Mugabe did not develop basic education infrastructure only but he established over 13 public and private universities as well in the country where there was only one by 1980.

Yes Mugabe created an equal non-racial society. I have been to two or three African countries.My observation is that although racial equality is popularly spoken about it is only in theory . People of a particular colour are still feared and favoured above people of my skin colour. Mugabe created a true equal society.He was a fearless man. He stood for his people, a true father and a true Pan-African.

President Mugabe returned stolen land back to black owners, he became the first and last  President in Africa to give land to his people. Other African countries are only debating about land but lacks the spine to hold the bull by its horns. It was our Mugabe who had the balls to say political independence without land is a none event.

I can't  finish enumerating all Mugabe's achievements.

Haters would like to portray Mugabe as a bad person. Yes he had his mistakes but that will not take away his heroism.

I don't believe he is to solely blame for gukurahundi, repressive laws, human rights abuse etcetera. He was not alone in government.Sometimes or most of the sins which we blame him for are not his.

I think we must not be stupid enough to claim that Mugabe did nothing for Zimbabwe,  it's  a silly, stupid and foolish claim to make. Mugabe's good works are just transparent for everyone to see.

Now that Mugabe is dead, will his successor fit in his shoes. What will be the legacy of Mugabe's successor? Let me go inside my round  rural kitchen hut and drink some water and come back and finish talking about Mugabe's successor legacy.

Etiwel Mutero

Source - Etiwel Mutero
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