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Zimbabwe govt expenditure problem

15 Sep 2019 at 20:39hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Government has a constitution which should control expenditure to avoid haphazard uses of funds, treasury instructions for accounting purposes and the auditor general for checks and balances. Our current government's use of funds does not indicate some constitutional order or at least,  financial discipline. Who decides how much to spend on what?

Who is mandated with declaring  a person a hero? Is it the president or Zanu-PF? Shouldn't it be parliament or some constitutional body. What do we look for in declaring a person a hero? Is it his/her popularity or you look for his/her extra ordinary deeds, the level of commitment and achievements for the nation?

If a person is declared a national hero or other, the burial becomes government responsibility using treasury coffers. There is a lot of tax payers money spend on the activities of a national hero's burial or other - transport, the coffin and taking care of local and international guests.

This is why this endeavour has to be above board. This is why there is a problem in accounting for 3 billion plus in US dollars said to have been given to the controversial command agriculture. On whose instructions was the money released and were treasury instructions followed in disbursing funds? We cannot afford ill disciplined financial behaviour in a starving nation like ours. How do you ask for aid Mr Foreign Minister when your government cannot account for a hell lot of that money and how do you cry foul that sanctions are affecting your economy?

We need to be serious because news is out there that we are financially indisciplined. We are far from near democracy and worthy of financial international assistance and meaningful investments. We are arrogantly in denial and ready to continue on a wrong political route. Whoever is not worried about our politics, does not mean well for this country.

Clemen Moyo ka Mangena
+263 778 662 090/712 708 284

Source - Clemen Moyo ka Mangena
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