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Kings and Mambos must be careful

17 Sep 2019 at 11:50hrs | Views
In English they say "let lying dogs lie", in Ndebele there is a saying that goes "lala lulaza sikwengule."Have we been sleeping in the stupidity slumber that we haven't seen all this coming, some men are rising having us bend to their power lusts. In this writing today i want to give warning and reprimand as a concerned Mthwakazi citizen. This caution statement i will direct to those who claim to be the custodians of the Mthwakazi Thrones that is those who claim to be the People's Kings and People's Mambos. As Mthwakazi people we seriously observe traditional leadership to be the core fundamental institution of our nation.

What we see happening in Mthwakazi is becoming a disgrace that will bring a curse to the land. NgesiNdebele sithi yisivuka mpunzana. Isisanasana umtshado wezinja. The enemy is now using divide and rule tactics against us. On a daily basis, the enemy devises more strategies to eradicate a united Mthwakazi.

I'm a concerned Mthwakazian who believes in the freedoms of the people of Mthwakazi.I believe people must not be taken for a ride, I say so because i see kings, popping up everywhere riding on our hardships, ridding on the oppression we are fighting against. A king is not some mere stooge, a King stands for his people, a king is a leader. A King proves himself worthy of the throne. The wrath of the Lord is coming for them that take people for granted. We are a divided nation and what do these kings pop up to do? They further divide the people. On top of it all they do not address the calamity that fell on this land and continues to taunt the Mthwakazi nation.

I have mixed feelings with seeing the claimants even sitting in high chairs of honour while the nation is in shambles. And some by virtue of having the enemies of our people as your handlers you make some of us to pray for your demise. We see some claimants enjoy being called "Bayethe" giving yourself fake honourary recognition while you have proved in time that you are cowards who cant even sleep in a cell for the people you claim to reign over. Some of you are clearly on a mission to delay the freedom of Mthwakazi by having handlers who have proved to be destroyers since the 1893 Imfazo whereby they were recruited to fight Mthwakazi.

As iron sharpens iron, I'm writing to open your eyes, before you face consequences of the wrath of God for ridding on people's grievances. As you sit on those high chairs claiming to be Kings, you must know that what you have applied for is open judgement. For some reason i just want to ask, why are some coronations legal while some are banned and blocked by the state security?

To every claimant of any throne, my last word to you is, prove yourself worthy of that high chair, dont be puppets,people are suffering because of you wanting colourful processions from a nation with unhealed wounds. Alilazo inhloni na? You call people to address them in the language of the oppressor.

As i stand for the people of Mthwakazi, i warn you Claimants of the thrones. Dont ride on people, they are not your horses. God is no respecter of Kings, you will be judged by your forefathers who did not dine with their oppressors. You will fall and real Kings shall rise.

Sisonke sibambene singuMthwakazi sizokulungisa

Source - Presia Ngulube
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