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Mugabe's legacy is palatial Blue Roof for himself and condemn povo to mud hovel - Sodom and Gomorrah of greed

20 Sep 2019 at 17:42hrs | Views
-A lot has been said about Robert Gabriel Mugabe's legacy; some declared him a Pan-Africanist liberation hero per excellence, the founding father of Zimbabwe, etc. A picture speaks a thousand words and, sometimes, says all that needs be said.

This is the social media photograph that was widely circulated.
Those African leaders who graced Mugabe's funeral service last Saturday at the National Sports Stadium in Harare and pontificated to no end about Mugabe's heroic fight to end white colonial operation and liberate the black majority had only to look around to know what the liberated masses thought. The stadium was full of invited dignitaries and Zimbabwe's ruling elite but eerily empty of the "liberated masses".

The masses too had embraced Mugabe as a liberation hero in 1980 but they soon learned that he and his Zanu PF cronies had a more sinister agenda â€" to replace the white colonial regime with their own corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical regime.
Other nations like India considered the option of the armed struggle to end British colonial rule but discounted it. "What kind of leaders would the armed struggle throw up?" asked Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. "Are those the men and women we would want to rule the country?"
Nehru was to go on to be the first Prime Minister of independent India - a democratic stable and progressive India.
Zimbabwe is one country that has provided the world the answer to the rhetorical questions Nehru asked. 39 years of corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous Zanu PF rule, the kind of leaders the armed struggle throws up, has all but destroyed the country's once promising economy and the de facto one-party dictatorship has left the country in political paralysis.  
Zimbabwe is a failed state.
Mugabe is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous dictator and not a hero at all. All those who insist in calling hero are focusing on the task of ending white colonial rule and ignoring that was means to an end and not the end in itself. The end the people were seeking was freedom, human rights, liberty, justice and a fair of the nation's wealth.
Mugabe died in a hospital in Singapore; he was there for five months at an estimate cost to the nation of US$ 50 000 per day. He, his family and his Zanu PF cronies have long stopped using the local health care services because, like many other local services, it has all but collapsed for lack of funds.
Local doctors are on strike demanding better wages than the US$40 per month they are being paid. The poverty datum line in Zimbabwe has been drawn at US$650 per month.
If doctors earn a misery US$40 per month, what worse the 90% unemployed and worst of all the rural peasant in the mud and grass thatched hovel, "the voter" in the photo above!  
Blue Roof mansion is one of the many properties, farms, businesses, posh cars, etc. Mugabe and his family have amassed. Other Zanu PF leaders too have an equally impressive fortune. It is little wonder Zanu PF not only blatantly cheated but used wanton violence to be absolutely certain the party never ever lost its iron grip on political power. Never ever!
Robert Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF nations fought to end white colonial oppression but only as a means to an end â€" to establishing a de facto Zanu PF dictatorship, which has turned out to be corrupt, incompetent and even more oppressive than white colonial regime. Pan-Africanists like Uhuru Kenyatta can afford to be sentimental and call Mugabe a "liberation icon" the povo of Zimbabwe whose lives, after 39 years of Zanu PF tyrannical rule, is hell-on-earth can ill afford such foolishness. The empty national stadium was testimonial to what the masses think of Robert Mugabe.
Every Zimbabwean must hang his/her head in shame that a fellow Zimbabwean should live in a grass thatched hovel in this day and age. Worse still, that millions should be condemned to such miserable life all because of the insatiable, Sodom and Gomorrah, greed of a murderous dictator and his cronies.

The dictator is died but the dictatorship he spawned is alive and thriving. Our immediate challenge is to end the Zanu PF dictatorship a.s.a.p., recover as much of the looted wealth as we can, punish the looters and use the looted wealth to rebuild this great but broken nation.
Mugabe's legacy is his Sodom and Gomorrah greed that left himself and a few ruling elite filthy rich, living in palatial Blue Roof mansions at the expense of the millions of Zimbabweans condemned to abject poverty, living in grass thatched mud hovels! There is nothing heroic in such unbridled selfishness and stupidity!

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