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In your wildest imagination did you ever envisage Zim would have a reincarnation of the devil Mugabe in Mnangagwa?

26 Sep 2019 at 06:50hrs | Views
The removal of Mugabe was an unexpected early Christmas present in November 2017.We threw away our differences as we cheered the removal of one of Africa's dictators who had brought Zimbabwe on its knees with disastrous populist policies as they turned Zimbabwe into a personal fiefdom of looting whatever they could lay their greedy hands on.

Zanu pf no longer wanted one of their own,MDC at that moment joined their perennial rival as Mugabe was now a common enemy .

This was the first step to real democracy we all thought.No one saw it coming until it later dawned on the people that his successor was nothing but a devil reincarnate.

While Mugabe was a devil,he was better of the two devils.

Munangagwa has no interest in solving Zimbabwe problems,he is just a power hungry dictator concerned about consolidating power while coming with empty rhetorics.While his predecessor would show a soft spot his successor will tell  idiots gathered around him how protesters will be thrashed by security forces as they gleefully laugh like cacophonies .

This is the New dispensation promised by Munangagwa as he shed crocodile tears narrating how he escaped from Zimbabwe.Things have gotten worse to unimaginable levels that one wonders if this is going to come to an end .

Brazen abductions have become the order of the day while they go into denial gear to refute claims it's government agents behind abductions of activists .Our government denies everything ,they never look at themselves and say they are wrong .

The economy situation if not the MDC, is blamed on the sanctions which we fully know targeted individuals not the government.
Diamonds which could have turned around the economy became a cashcow for Zanu pf and security bosses selling them for a song while the economy sank deeper and deeper into abyss.The results are there as massive mansions sprouted in Harare in the midst of poverty.

If Munangagwa really cared he would stop accumulation of flying hours were his trips have yielded nothing but only Memorandum of Understandings which manifest into nothing and not worthy the papers they are written on .He  has been to every corner of the world with his large entourage who later bring expensive trinkets from the sojourns .This is were our scarce foreign currency goes,shopping sprees as if they are pop stars yet our hospitals have no drugs .

Young people are committing suicide because they are now hopeless .The President will move from one university to another capping thousands of graduands who will be in the streets instead of bright futures.The future remains bleak as those in power echo the chorus that things will get better .When will this be ,as these lies are now familiar even from the First lady .To say things will get better one sets a time frame ,Zanu pf projections are 20 years from now when all these old leaders will be nowhere around to account for their fake promises .Mugabe is having a mausoleum built costing a staggering US$1 million .They hold the nation at ransom even from the grave .

Of all promises made by the junta frontman none has been is one empty promise to another .The only truth he has said is that he is contesting the next elections .Other than that he is clueless to what needs to be done .He can bring so called technocrats but as long as Zanu pf is there it is just but a dream things will change .

Imagine travelling to meet Zimbabweans now living in foreign lands and telling them come back home. To do what if l may ask ?The New dispensation tolerates no dissenting voices as democracy is just a myth .Zimbabweans scattered around the globe have witnessed meaning of democracy from their host nations not home where one has to belong to Zanu pf by all means to be able to access even donor goods .

Your narrative of democracy ,corruption fight is nothing but cheap words meant to hoodwink the world that you are different from Mugabe.As long as you stay on that trajectory Zimbabwe can forget about foreign direct investments as no sane investor will sink their money into a deep hole were Zanu pf vultures will be waiting.

Source - Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi
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