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REWIND: Mugabe: A good candidate for Egyptation

27 Sep 2019 at 20:32hrs | Views
I am still looking and searching for the vocabulary and diction with which to name and describe what I saw in Bhengazi. After what I saw, I believe that God is the people and that the people are God. In the dusty and deserted city of Bhengazi in Libya, I saw it for myself. In the city that Moammar Gadaffi, Libyan "strongman" marginalised, neglected and starved for resisting his rise to power in 1969, I saw the Godness of the common people with my eyes. Dear reader, you needed to be there. Paid up mercenaries abandoning their machine guns. Arab women in black robes dancing on military tankers that stood abandoned by trained soldiers who decided "to join the people". Armoured helicopters, laden with dangerous snipers and gunmen chased by peasants and workers with slogans and insults. You needed to be there to see it. In Tripoli, Gadaffi's trusted ministers of defence "surrendering to the people." Gadaffi's feared generals "declaring their allegiance to the people". Ten year old children playing with abandoned military arsenal and hardware as if it was jumping castles and toys at pre-school. Who ever thought that a military lion like Gadaffi, a man who eluded the American Marines and the CIA, a seasoned bullet dodger and assassination survivor, a man whose military displays last days would be holed up in his palace in fear of unarmed Libyans? It can only be seen once in a million days in National Geographic documentaries where a group of angry buffalo can be seen chasing a lion to the cave. The story is short. As true as is it in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, it true in Mugabe's Zimbabwe that no amount of terror and violence, no number of hired fighters and hooligans, no quantity of guns and bullets can stop a people who have decided that life and death are the same, it is better to die free that live in fear and bondage. The ordinary people of Egypt, who bravely ejected arrogant, dictator Hosni Mubarak from office to exile left our political dictionary richer with the word Egyptation which describes the  dethronement of a stubborn tyrant. I write in this short article to observe that Zimbabwean genocidal tyrant Robert Mugabe, like Hosni Mubarak and Moammar Gaddaffi is a good candidate for Egyptation by the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. What is needed is a spark, the fuel has been prepared by Mugabe himself in want on massacres, plunder of the nation's resources, political violence and continuing to arrogantly ignore popular wishes of the people.

Irish journalist, poet and novelist Oscar Wilde wrote that "in the eyes of anyone who has read history, disobedience is man's original virtue". When a people disobey fear, death, life and tyranny they inevitably access freedom. "Who dares wins" say the British Special Air Services. The Tunisians dared and won. The Egyptians dared and won. The Libyans are daring, they are dying and most importantly winning. That scripture which holds that people were created in the image of the Creator actually means that the Creator is in the people and the people are in the creator and inevitably the people will always victor in Zimbabwe and in Egypt. As things stand now, Mugabe is the most exposed, vulnerable and endangered dictator in Southern Africa. What is needed is one cinematic display of people power to spark an insurrection against the enduring genocidal tyranny in Harare.

When Emerson Dambudzo Munangagwa, Mugabe's Gukuranhundi right hand man stood before a gathering of Zimbabweans to say that "any Egyptian style protests here will be crushed," he was not expressing any factual knowledge or truism but his own and Mugabe's fear of punishment by the people of Zimbabwe that is due to them. When ancient Roman conqueror Julius Caesar was told to "beware the Ides of March" he argued that him "and danger are twins" and him the "most dangerous" of the twins. The truth is that danger and death, the less dangerous twins were about to consume a man who imagined himself as one of the gods. It is only that the people of Zimbabwe have so far continued to behave like sheep that Mugabe and his genocidal group continue to pretend that they are lions. Recent events confirm that there is a limit to ordinary people's sheepishness.
The arrest of Munyaradzi Gwisai and 47 other activists who were found watching what everybody else can watch anytime on TV and Internet is a desperate attempt to scare Zimbabweans. Mugabe and everyone who knows Gwisai from his days as a student at the University of Zimbabwe when he was called Enock Chikweche know that he normally gathers people from two to twenty and three to thirty and talk about socialism and workers.
The attempt to use poor Gwisai and his small gatherings to display Mugabe's political muscles that do not exist can only entertain serious observers of history. The real gatherings are on the horizons and there will not be enough handcuffs and police officials as most of them would have "joined the people." My suspicion, concern and fear are that Mugabe has grown so old that he is a baby again and the world looks to him like a big toy. It is possible that he urgently needs protection from himself and those close to him who might be exploiting his second childhood for their own selfish benefit. He is recorded to have said it himself at the his birthday bash that he has the brains of a "child".

Enos Nkala, Mugabe's former friend, once described him to The Zimbabwe Mirror as "a perpetually freighted man" who "makes most of his decisions in panic and fear". Mugabe's long time comrade and ally in the struggle Edgar Tekere also painted a picture of Mugabe in his book A Life Time Of   Struggle,as an unstable and panicky personality who is sold to irrationality and fear. He has continued to behave like the Biblical guilty fool who flees when no one pursues and by the time someone starts pursing he can't run anymore and is food for the lions of the day.
 The false sense of security and comfort that his genocidal right hand man and securocrats continue to give to Mugabe is a thin curtain that cushions and blinds him to the harsh and stormy reality that confronts him. One can only pity the young child.

Even George Charamba, Mugabe's loyal poet and parrot said it without intending to. "Mugabe" said Charamba in his Birthday dedication which unfortunately sounded like a eulogy "is depicted as a hapeless "kid" who is vulnerable" and "smothered". In that article, titled "working with Robert Mugabe" Charamba told us a lot that we have always suspected about how those close to Mugabe take advantage of his child like state of old age and natural senility to mislead him about who he actually is and what dangers lie outside his door steps. He is "larger than life" how does he come down to "interact with mortals" sure "he cannot be of this world" argued George Charamba, a brilliant student and graduate of the University of Zimbabwe school of English who understands very well the dangers of excessive flattery and the theme of illusion and reality that cuts across most works of art and Literature. George, what are you doing to an old and so endangered person?

Most tellingly and offensively the flattering Charamba discloses how Margaret Thatcher complained when Mugabe fired some of his ministers over the Willow gate car scandal. "Robert" said Thatcher; we are told "it is normal" she argued "why are you rocking your government, Robert?" We are told dear readers that Thatcher was angry with Mugabe for firing ministers over what Thatcher considered not to be so much of corruption but trivia that could be ignored. It is also common knowledge that even on Gukurahundi, Mugabe had Thatcher's encouragement and support. In fact Thatcher's love for genocidal dictators is the exact stuff of legend.

Brave British journalist John Pilger records that "Thatcher admired Augusto Pinochet of Chile," a mass murderer of people by their millions. "She visited Chile to dine with him". "Even Pol Pot of Cambodia, the leader of the Khmer Rouge that massacred hundreds of thousands, she declared him as "reasonable". Brave journalist like Pilger have revealed to us that actually Thatcher did not really love those dictators but she was in the business of boosting the British arms Industry by selling "powerful" weapons of mass murder to those like Mugabe, Pinochet and Pol Pot that had use for them in slaughtering the innocents in thousands.

The Panorama Media Group of England have clear footage of Sydney, Sekeramayi, Mugabe's other Gukurahundi henchman, sporting Afro-hair and laughing while British soldiers demonstrated to Gukurahundi militias how high powered pounder machine guns are used. The North Koreans provided the training while the British supplied most of the weapons.

It is not the British, Margaret Thatcher, George Charamba, Munangagwa and others alone who have misled Mugabe and given him a false sense of comfort and security. There are even preachers and pastors in Zimbabwe who have told Mugabe that he is chosen of God and whatever he does is blessed by the almighty. Bishop Fidelis Mukonori is not alone in this. There are some even in the Pentecostal churches who promise believers "tickets to heaven" by day and by night promise Mugabe salvation, run businesses on his behalf and proclaim that the Lord God is "chose us" while claiming that the millions of dirty genocidal money they get from Mugabe  is blessings from Jesus Christ the Lord. All these liars and promisors are part of Mugabe's crumbling empire, an empire built with the blood of innocents.

In conclusion, dear readers, I read with relish Trevor Ncube's piece titled "we are our own liberators". The power to liberate Zimbabwe lies in the hands of the heroic ordinary people of Zimbabwe and other political players and leaders besides Morgan Tsvangaria who has severally protected Mugabe from the revolutionary wrath of the people of Zimbabwe and outshined the George Charambas of this world in praising Mugabe. The reason why Thabo Mbeki said "there is no crisis in Zimbabwe" is not that Mbeki meant that Zimbabweans were not suffering under Mugabe but that the apparent "fight" between Mugabe and Tsvagirai over this and that outstanding issue actually is not of benefit to the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai said it himself that he cannot be a "dead hero", the grave business of egypting Mugabe cannot be for those who still fear death. It is up to the heroic ordinary people of Zimbabwe to forget about the promise of elections that Mugabe will as usual rig and lose at the same time and then delay and deny the results. Mugabe is a ripe and ready candidate for Egyptation by the people of Zimbabwe.Elections will only give him an opportunity to cheat the people of Zimbabwe and tiptoe himself into our history again.

Dinizulu Macaphulana is a Zimbabwean journalist who is studying in Lesotho, he was recently in Libya.

Source - Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana
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