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The truth behind Mugabe's burial in Zvimba

27 Sep 2019 at 22:15hrs | Views
The former president and national hero cde Robert Mugabe has caused much tension in his death than in his life. He died in Singapore and three weeks down the line he is yet to be buried. It is rather unfortunate that cde Mugabe's body has been tossed around like a yoyo amidst serious squabbles between the government and Mugabe's family. It is shameful that the whole nation had to be held hostage by the former first lady who wanted to make sure that Mugabe will not be buried near Sally Mugabe. It baffles all that the chiefs from Zvimba got tangled up in the jealous and love triangle. They were finally used to make Grace's love jealous succeed.
The circus surrounding this unholy battle had put the country in a bad light.

A number of things came out of this debacle. Grace had never forgiven Mnangagwa for engineering Mugabe's fall. The biggest problem is that Grace has forgotten that she contributed a lot to the coup which was not a coup. In her senseless quest for revenge she dragged in the traditional leaders who will surely pay for the embarrassment they subjected the nation too.

After getting a booster from Malema Grace was prepare for a show down. The changing of      Mind and declaring that Mugabe should be buried in Zvimba was calculated to attract a strong resistance from the government. ED Mnangagwa acted in a very mature way, he simply respected the wishes of the "family". Which in itself was a big score against Grace. In a measure meant to embarrass ED Grace was shocked when the government offered no resistance to her unreasonable demands.

The change of heart again  exposed the strong political game bring played by the G40 cabal. They have recruited Malema to come and convey the message to Grace. An international stage was set and Grace was prepared to take it to her sponsors. The reaction by ED was mature and in a weeks time there will be no  Mugabe to talk about.

Cde Mugabe ruled the world through his essential authenticity, disarming wit, and unwavering commitment to faith, family, and country, President Mugabe inspired generations of his fellow Africans to public service to be, revolutionary outlets illuminating the greatness, hope, and opportunity of freedom to all human beings. His vision was not to be closed in such a stupid way. Mugabe was beyond jealous and gossip.   President Mugabe always found a way to set the bar higher, if he was to wake up he would have died again of shame and frustration on how his legacy was being abused by his wife and few idiots.

Mugabe is a hero and nobody will take that away from him but to use his death to settle scores was pathetic and disturbing.
Yes it is true that the former first lady is a woman of very unstable mental standing. The irony of the matter is that in her mental instability she recruited quite a following.  

Zimbabwe has lost a patriot and humble servant the "tremendous good" Mugabe accomplished in his life was crushed into dust in his death.

Mugabe's family was not grateful for what the nation was doing. They held on to the coup as if Mugabe was to be the only leader of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was not his personal property so his removal from power was occasioned by a number of factors the major one being Grace's verbal diarrhoea.     

Yes we lost the greatest man ever lived but we must move on.
Mugabe never stopped serving,Zimbabwe is profoundly grateful for every minute Mugabe spent in Zimbabwe he was a greatest gift to the nation. But surely if Grace and the so called family are allowed to run rings around us we wont be surprised to see them roasting Mugabe's body for dinner.  The nation must not ululate and praise a mad man with a gun.

many people are surprised at the relationship of ED and Grace considering they were once political adversaries. ED called for bygones to be bygones but Grace is taking ED's stance as a weakness.  ED could be tough in a political fight, he is in it for the right reasons: People always came before politics, patriotism before partisanship. Mugabe's death must be marked by grace, civility and social conscience.

We must reminisce about Mugabe's calm, kind character in the face of global changes and a opposition controlled by malice.
Traveling abroad, Zimbabweans also came to appreciate the reputation Mugabe had built over many years. Many people even if they didn't know the president Mugabe personally, knew they were dealing with a serious man with serious purposes. Whatever their angles or agendas, they never doubted the intentions or the word of the president Mugabe.

Mugabe's Experience Shaped His Approach To Politics and this was supposed to be shown in his death.
Mugabe's legacy will rank among the most distinguished statesmen our nation has ever produced. Africa is deeply grateful to Zimbabwe for having shared such a wonderful man with all. May it be a comfort to know that so many Africans  mourn with us.

Mugabe was a gentleman of the highest integrity and deepest patriotism,his life and legacy will remain an enduring gift to the nation. It should not be soiled by these misguided so called family members who are pushing a hidden agenda.

Mugabe consistently and vigorously demonstrated the values that are the anchor of Zimbabwean society. Courage, duty, honor, and compassion define our nation and his life. So politicking over his body is an insult to all of us.

Mugabe's service to the nation "demonstrated how we as a people can draw on our humility, diversity and devotion to our country to meet every challenge with fortitude and confidence. We must not waste time and money over stupid fights. We must learn how to live life without regret.

Mugabe was maddeningly self-effacing but that was part of the reason you loved him.
The world has lost a great leader; this country has lost one of its best and this nonsense must stop.

Mugabe's decency, honor and kindness served as a beacon and should continue to serve as an example for people the world over. He was among the best of us, and will be sorely missed we must not remember him for the lunacy of his wife.
Mugabe was the most qualified president to take over that office in our history.

Mugabe tried to make everything win-win for everyone. And I think in an odd way, he made it look so easy that people don't appreciate how difficult a task he had.

Mugabe led with "strength, integrity, compassion and humility" on the global stage and in everyday interactions. "His passion was a deep love of family and country but his family destroys what he stood for. Mugabe stood for order and the happenings at his funeral mow resembles a pig's breakfast.

So the confusion with Mugabe's burial shows the insensitivity of his family.
Burying Mugabe away from our nation's heroes who fought for our freedom is an affront to the thousands of lives tortured and murdered during the war of freedom. A hero does not take away freedom, he campaigns for it and fights for its survival for the sake of others. Laying him to rest at the Heroes' Acre was going to be the honour befitting his sacrifices. But taking him to Zvimba is a disdainful act that will send a wrong message to the future of our nation - our children - that the world we live in did not reward the founder of the nation.

The issue on the burial of Robert Mugabe in Zvimba  has long created divisions among our people," - This is not what's causing the division. It will in fact further sever the opportunity for unity since this is an injustice to the heroes to come and those gone.
It is a known historical fact that history will not be complete without Mugabe at the heroes acre.
Only heroes are buried in the Heroes' acre as the name so literally states.
Without Mugabe at the heroes acre the weight of the heroes acre is lowered. But we can not stop-existing because Grace loves to be seen.  

After this dust settles Zimbabwe has to move on. Our nation's history and future depends on you so please do not distort it because of the few.

If the Zvimba guys would only think they should be embarrassed. Imagine money put on the started work of the burial place then make a sharp turn midair. Shame on you and shame on all who are using our hero's death a mockery.

Enough is enough.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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