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Special message to MDC - Alliance as they celebrate their 20th anniversary

28 Sep 2019 at 08:07hrs | Views
The only difference between ZANU PF and MDC - Alliance is on their political ideology. There is enough evidence to support the view that the original MDC - Alliance's political ideology may suffer a blow under the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa. Robert Mugabe is the face of the liberation political ideology while Morgan Tsvangirai is the soul behind democratic political ideology. While ZANU PF and other liberation movements like ANC in South Africa are using Robert Mugabe to promote their liberation ideologies, MDC - Alliance should have used the soul of Morgan Tsvangirai to promote the democratic political ideology. For President Nelson Chamisa to salute Robert Mugabe as a champion of the Zimbabwe's political struggles is not only a mistake but also a political blunder.

As MDC - Alliance team is celebrating their 20th anniversary, they should remember that ex political leaders from ZANU PF outfit will not solve their problems but destroy the party and its ideology. G40 team is there to destroy MDC - Alliance before they go back to ZANU PF. Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Zhuwao, Mawarire, Bhasikiti and other G40 members are ZANU PF by DNA and will head back to ZANU PF anytime. Joyce Mujuru's blood is still ZANU PF and cannot be trusted too. We used to have Dydimus Mutasa in the opposition heading National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) but where is he today? You cannot use a ZANU PF faction to defeat ZANU PF.

Rugare Gumbo also pretended to be working for opposition but is now on his way back to ZANU PF. The MDC - Team should not forget that Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa, war vets, army and Lacoste used them to overthrow Robert Mugabe from power and later ignored them. This on its own is an indication that MDC Alliance team should not trust ex ZANU PF leaders. They always go back to the ZANU PF's main tent with secretes. History has shown that political leaders with liberation ideology cannot permanently move away from ZANU PF. Joshua Nkomo rejoined ZANU despite losing 20,000 of his supporters to ZANU PF's 5th brigade.

The same applies to MDC - Team, there is no leader with a democratic political ideology who can run away from MDC - Team permanently. Welshman Ncube ran away and returned to the main tent. The same applies to Job Sikhala and Tendai Biti, they temporarily moved out of the main tent and later joined the team because of the democratic political ideology in them. If Hon. Khupe is a genuine MDC - member by ideology, she will rejoin the main tent any time.

Politics is a revolution that keeps on changing. Robert Mugabe did his bit by leading the liberation political ideology that is why he is supported by the other African movements with the same ideology. The mistake that Robert Mugabe did was to rely on the liberation ideology alone that had been overtaken by events. Morgan Tsvangirai took advantage of that weakness and championed the democratic political ideology that Nelson Chamisa is struggling to take to another level.

Nelson Chamisa was supposed to remain neutral during the period of mourning Robert Mugabe. He made a mistake by exulting Robert Mugabe and was not supposed to hug Grace Mugabe. The MDC - Alliance supporters were not happy with Nelson Chamisa's position on Robert Mugabe that is why they did not accompany him (Chamisa) to attend the Mugabe's memorial at the National Sports Stadium. Nelson Chamisa should know that Mugabe contributed a lot to the liberation ideology but is not part of the democratic struggle.

The new MDC - Alliance administration is currently not performing well. Its leaders are fearful and not dynamic. Malema in South Africa is leading by a good example but MDC - Alliance is refusing to learn from EFF. MDC - Alliance and Nelson Chamisa know that elections of 2018 were cheated and the voters' roll has problems but they are quiet as if everything is normal. They want to start making noise five months to the next elections. Help me to tell Nelson Chamisa that he is currently sleeping on the wheel. When is Nelson Chamisa going to push for the removal of my sister (Justice Chigumba) from ZEC? When is Nelson Chamisa going to demand for electoral justice? When is Nelson Chamisa going to push for the cleaning of the voters' roll? When is Nelson Chamisa going to wake up?

ZANU PF is wining the by-elections not because of good governance but because of the voters' roll that was tuned to help ZANU PF. The economy has already collapsed, no water in urban areas, no electricity, hunger is the order of the day but ZANU PF is winning why? It is because Nelson Chamisa and team are sleeping on the wheel. As long as Nelson Chamisa and team are not going to wake up immediately, they will not win the 2023 elections.

There is no doubt that G40 members are there to destroy MDC - Alliance's ideology from within before going back to ZANU PF. The MDC - Alliance's ideology is likely to suffer greatly under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa and Nelson Chamisa is currently asleep on the wheel. He is not doing anything to push for electoral reforms, the voters' roll is in shambles and Justice Chigumba is still rigging by-elections while Chamisa is watching.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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