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Open letter to ZANU PF members

02 Oct 2019 at 16:57hrs | Views
Dear Party members

It is time for the revolutionary party to refocus, and reshape itself through the Annual National People's Conference. Politburo members will come to you and give you directives to suit their own agendas, beware of them for they are wolves in sheep's clothing. ZANU PF is a people's party, POLITBURO members are your servants, they should not impose resolutions on you, they should carry resolutions from you to the Politburo and Central Committee.

As Members of the ruling party you have an undeniable right to :

1) to vote in any Party elections in accordance with such rules and regulations as the Central
Committee shall determine from time to time;

(2) to be elected to any office in the Party, subject to such rules and regulations as the Central
Committee shall determine from time to time;

(3) to have audience with any officer of the Party;

(4) to make representations to any officer or organ of the Party in respect of any matter which affects
his or her rights as a member;

(5) to participate in meetings and other activities organised by the Party;

(6) not to be subjected to arbitrary or vexatious treatment by those in authority over him;

(7) to seek a remedy in respect of any grievance as a result of the action of any person in authority
over him.

Duties of Members

18. Every member of the Party shall have the duty:-

(1) to be loyal to the Party;

(2) to observe and resort to the policies, rules and regulations of the Party;

(3) to strengthen, promote and defend the party and popularise its policies among the people;

(4) to strive continuously to raise the level of his or her own political and social consciousness and
understanding of Party policies;

In line with your rights as members of the party we hereby urge you to remind all Politburo members, All Central Committee members and all Provincial Executive members and District Executive members of their role, responsibilities and duties at the Annual National People's Conference which are

(1) to receive and consider reports of the Central Committee on behalf of Congress;

(2) to co-ordinate and supervise the implementation of decisions and programmes of Congress by the
Central Committee;

(3) to declare the President of the Party elected at Congress as the State Presidential Candidate of the

(4) to exercise any such powers and authority as may- be incidental thereto.


There are several resolutions that were read out by Advocate Jacob Mudenda which have blatantly not been followed by the party.

These included but are not limited to

Tax system
Delegates at the last People's Conference resolved that the Government must review the tax system which is said to be punitive and that banks give meaningful interest on deposits accounts and avoid astronomical bank charges.

Minister Mthuli Ncube in blatant disregard of the party resolution went on to introduce a new 2% tax, the President allowed it also implying that the President must be held to account for the actions of his minister which are in violation of a party resolution.

Pricing system
The Government was also tasked to intervene on the three-tier pricing system and decisively deal with economic malpractices being witnessed by coming up with thorough investigations and prosecution of perpetrators.

The Competition and Tarrif Commission is still silent on the issue and the Minister of Industry and Commerce has not instituted any investigation or action on this resolution.

Social Services
On the issue of social services, the Government was implored to have a special plan for students with disabilities and to stop the increase of tuition fees for tertiary institutions.

We have not seen any action in that regard and we need to hold power to account.

The Government was further urged to continue engaging and re-engaging the private sector, civil society and international financial institutions and the international community at large.

What we have witnessed in the past year is an arrogant breach of party resolutions, we have seen a surge in abductions and state terrorism on civil society with the recent case being that of Dr Magombeyi. These have been an embarrassment to the party and have brought ZANU PF into disrepute. This is not the legacy of the party and neither is it in conformity with resolutions of the party. The President and First Secretary needs to explain to the people why his government is violating resolutions of the Annual National People's Conference.

The party resolves to continue recognising war veterans and to set up war museums and construct other monuments as well as improve the welfare of the former freedom fighters. It was resolved that those that did not get land should benefit.

Our War Veterans have not been fully honoured, naming barracks after liberation icons is not equivalent to honoring nor improving the welfare of war veterans. The President has paid no regard at all to the War Veterans, their voice is now meaningless in the party and war veterans have been reduced to irrelevant back benchers in Zanu-PF. The President needs to explain why his government is opposing conference resolutions.

The Annual People's conference passed a resolution that existing party investments be audited to find out their viability and their contribution to party coffers.

We need feedback on this resolution as party property belongs to the party and not individuals. The President needs to report back on this and we must hold the party leadership to account, the leadership is not above the structures neither are they above the party.

The party adopted a zero tolerance to corruption resolution yet we have not seen a single conviction in a corruption case. We note the efforts by ZACC and also commend the youth league for reminding the party leadership that we adopted a zero tolerance to corruption resolution, we need to see swift and deliberate action not just gimmicks.


The last People's conference resolved that the annual national people's conference must be held before the rainy season and budget presentation in Parliament. Conference passed this resolution to allow the party and its structures to have input in the national budget.

The President and First Secretary of the party needs to ensure that this happens and the politburo must respect the decisions and resolutions of the Annual People's Conference.

Resolutions were also passed on COMMAND Agriculture and COMMAND Livestock as well as the Land Commission's recommendations. We are yet to see any effect of these resolutions.

Paul Mangwana and other politburo members are attending Provincial Executive meetings dictating to us that we should pass resolutions to return the District Coordinating Committees DCCs into the constitution, NO!!

The people resolved that DCCs were evil and were causing chaos. Before Politburo members open their mouths to dictate to us they should explain the progress made on last year's resolutions. If they are failing to implement them then maybe we should recall them and have capable leadership.

The masses are suffering because the leadership is ignoring the resolutions passed by the masses. Our leaders are like fish in water and right now they have little or no regard for the water they are swimming in and its time for the grassroot structures to reclaim control of the party.


Dear party members we urge you to discuss and submit proposed resolutions without fear or favour.

Let us recommend disciplinary action against the First Secretary for flagrant disregard of party resolutions. Advocate Jacob Mudenda as the man who read the resolutions should ensure that we have a solid investigation and disciplinary action against those who violated the wishes of the people.

Zanu-PF is not a dictatorship or Banana party which disregards its organs and structures. Millions of dollars are spent on Conference because it is an important body not just a window dressing element of the constitution.

Zanu-PF is a mature and reliable entity which cannot be outclassed by the MDC in respecting its organs and structures.

We urge you to support a resolution that Advocate Jacob Mudenda spearheads an investigation into the implementation of Party resolutions by government officials. The investigation must be independent and Advocate Jacob Mudenda must not be disturbed or forced into a hasty conclusion.

We also demand a resolution that VP and Second Secretary C. G. D. N. CHIWENGA be recalled and redeployed to a less strenuous post for health reasons. The VP has missed 3 consecutive Politburo meetings due to ill health and has missed numerous cabinet meetings, in short the VP is incapacitated to actively discharge his duties as second secretary of the party and as party deployee to the position of Vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

We propose and nominate Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri for the post of Vice president and second secretary of Zanu-PF

We also propose the and nominate Advocate Jacob Mudenda for the National Chairman's post

We propose that Christopher Mutsvangwa becomes the new National Secretary for Administration to safeguard the interests of war veterans and the legacy of the party.

Finally we recommend a full scale forensic report into COMMAND AGRICULTURE, a lifestyle audit for all high level officials and ministry of agriculture officials involved in Command Agriculture

Politburo Member Perence Shiri
Col. Shumba
Dr John Mangudya

As well as other private sector players and agriculture based entities.

We need to reclaim ZANU PF and return the party to its organs and structures. Party members must not be taken for granted. No one is above the party, and the Politburo of Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to be held accountable.

Revolutionary regards

Cde. S. Utete
War Veteran
Muzarabani North

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Source - S. Utete
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