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Uncle Sam is not Father Christmas

09 Oct 2019 at 18:13hrs | Views
In rural Zimbabwe Zanu-PF has always been with the people through thick and thin. It was in the countryside where the war of liberation was more brutal, leaving many maimed and without livestock. Others paid the ultimate price for us to be living in independent Zimbabwe.

It would be foolhardy for anyone to think the 'povo' has forgotten. Mash. Central became the 'stage' in the theatre of war as our gallant boys stood up to the enemy eye ball to eye ball. They never gave the settler soldiers any rest, chasing them from every corner inflicting heavy losses on them.

Remember the enemy was armed to the teeth but still our combatants stood their ground and made Mash. Central a 'no go area' for the enemy. Of course we had our fair share of 'Nyati' minded people who sold out for the infamous thirty pieces of silver.

Such people are still among us to this day, selling out whenever they sniff and smell 'scones' from Uncle Sam. Our country is always at the cross hairs of the West because of some among us who peddle falsehoods whilst grovelling for more sanctions.

The rural folk continue to be with the revolutionary party because they know what it stands for. Sanctions are a kind of war that can be more devastating than conventional.

Lack of medicine, power shortages, fuel lack and inhibited trade will destroy production, kill people and make life difficult.

Our problems we can solve as Zimbabweans, dialogue is the way to go. Uncle Same will never give us money he is not Father Christmas.

Tondorindo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondorindo
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