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'Mnangagwa give a young leader to lead'

by Cde Mao
15 Oct 2019 at 17:00hrs | Views
I am a ZanuPF member through and through. Fought in the liberation of this country and lost my leg during a firefight with Rhodesian forces. I have something to share with my fellow veterans of the struggle.

Today we are talking about going into talks with  Chamisa . What has gone wrong when we managed to garner a more than 2 thirds majority in parliament. The President struggled against Chamisa and leading to the current dispute. Why with such a majority being cornered into talks? I have my own view.

Like it or not the G40 rejuvenated ZanuPF. During their time MDC was struggling to raise crowds. It was dead. The million man March is testimony to that capacity. Some of us felt ZanuPF had been given another 20 years lease of life . Youths all over the country were enthusiastic of being ZanuPF members. This is what we fought and by the way we didn’t fight this war alone we fought it with the masses and we saw how they were brutalized killed and put into concentration camps for supporting us. We were not born fighters, it is our parents who allowed us to be, who would pray and do the traditional rites day and night.

We were gathered at the national sports centre by Cdes who promised us heaven on earth. Most of these Cdes were at rear and mostly in Zambia. They said we were the special ones and deserve respect. We must have more money , more land , more fees for our children and even not pay toll gates. This alianation from our people was engineered by our fellow comrades Cdes who today are sitting pretty in the gravy train. We forgot our masses died with us , sacrificed every resource they had to ensure we prosecuted the war. They would bury us when we died in action. Harbour is when in danger. We would get support from our business people in terms of clothing and food provisions. Alas today these people are no longer part of the struggle. Cdes God will punish us . We have betrayed our people and made ourselves special. I am so emotional has l write this. When you sacrifice yourself you don’t ask for payment. When you do that you become a mercenary.

Yes we need veterans hospitals not only for ourselves but for our people. We fought for the unborn child. We fought for future generations. Let’s remove this bondage on our people and allow the country to move forward. The issue of talking to the MDC shows that something is wrong in ZanuPF. The people like ZanuPF but it is the leadership that they have a problem with. We also did not mange the issue of President Mugabe well.

My advice to Cde Smart Tembo Cde E D MNANGAGWA l beg you in the name of the revolution to allow a young and capable leader to continue with the revolution. Even if you were to join hands with the MDC you are not smart enough to match the young team. This will only lead to the demise and decimation of ZanuPF. Should we allow that to happen? Should we betray the masses in Mwenezi, Whange, Rushinga, Gokwe Tholotsho Chipinge among many were our people are  still waiting for the honey and milk we promised them.

The people are angry with us war veterans for clinging to positions when we did our part. They are angry with us for demanding privileges everyday when we did not compensate them for the losses they suffered. Lets introspect maCdes.

Cde Mnangagwa please take a rest and allow the country to go forward.

The revolution must continue.

Cde Mao

Source - Cde Mao
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