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Mnangagwa must swallow his pride and allow Zimbabwe to work again

16 Oct 2019 at 08:16hrs | Views
Fellow esteemed leaders, fellow Zimbabweans, ladies and gentlemen,  friends and relatives,  brothers and sisters. Zimbabwe is burning and the centre cannot hold.

Our leadership must be synonymous with positive , strategic and smart thinking. We must start opening fresh pages of hopes and aspirations. A book of life and determination to built not a strong militant government but to build very strong institutions.

The future of our children is hanging in a balance and it's unpredictable. People no longer afford to put a decent meal on their tables. Life has become very tough for both urban and rural dwellers. Poverty is eating all.

We have a problem with other people who think that Zimbabwe belong to them only. Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu PF neither does it belong to MDC-Alliance or any other political party. This country is for everybody regardless of their political or economic affiliation. We can no longer afford to be a laughing stock in the global world whilst others are progressing and making steps forward. What is hindering us is greediness and selfishness.

It's high time we should sit down and declare enough of this untold suffering. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his leadership must swallow his pride and go for a genuine dialogue with Nelson Chamois and abandon this kangaroo Polad. The President needs the most powerful young marinated brains in the opposition for the country to move forward.

Zanu PF and MDC-Alliance must strike a genuine political dialogue, the two to set conditions and put aside all their political differences. What unites both of them is greater than what divides them. Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country and we can't let that beauty just fade away like that.

We need to build strong institutions and strong democracies. Let us push for a strong political breakthrough. We have exhausted all ideas and we have blamed each other for a long time. Now this is the time to make history and be the first to make the much needed change. It is now crystal clear that Zanu PF has run out of ideas and are caught in between two horns of a dilemma and a hard rock.  There is time for everything in life, Zanu PF must accept that they have dismally failed.

No amount of propaganda will resuscitate this sick economy.

We have heard of many excuses. Whenever Zanu PF is cornered it starts accusing the European bloc of imposing sanctions on their failure to lead. Billions were looted at Command Agriculture and prices of grain imports were inflated. Corruption is still rampant and there are untouchables who will never taste the doors of prison.  Who is punishing his people here?

The propaganda and disinformation which which the people are getting from the state controlled institutions will never be viewed as serious concerns.  Zanu PF leaders have failed and are now clueless. If you see some Zanu PF members asking President Emerson Mnangagwa to have a dialogue with Nelson Chamisa and by passing POLAD this should tell us that something is wrong within the top leadership.

Zanu PF right now is preparing for 2023 elections as if Zimbabweans feed on them. It is high level of confusion to start preparing and talk about 2023 elections when we are still seized with deliveries of 2018 election promises and let alone when its less than two years after the last election.

What has the ruling party done with all these mandates it "wins". The focus should not be on winning and retaining power, but delivering on promises and making a positive difference. Zimbabwe's standard of living is worse than it was before independence.

Zanu PF promised the electorate a lot of things and have failed even to fulfill one. The song of jobs , jobs and jobs has just died a silent death.

The country is not doing enough on corruption and we have Zimbabwe's senior state officials who are profiteering by importing 17,000 tonnes of grain at double the world market price as 8.5 million people face serious food shortages next year. Time for change.

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