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Mnangagwa squealing as Excelgate expose of rigged 2018 goes viral - guilt of high treason

25 Oct 2019 at 07:43hrs | Views
There is no denying the fact that Zimbabwe is facing a serious economic meltdown the much hoped for economic recovery of the post Mugabe era has not materialised.

When Emmerson Mnangagwa took over power following the November 2017 coup that booted Mugabe out of office, he, Mnangagwa, promised to end corruption; hold free, fair and credible elections; etc. The promises, if kept, would have ended the country's pariah state status, the root cause of the country's economic meltdown. Sadly, none of the promises were ever honoured.

Corruption is such areas as the diamond sector is still rampant, Mnangagwa has yet to arrest even one of those responsible. Worse still, Mnangagwa failed to implement even one meaningful democratic reform necessary for free, fair and credible elections. He was reminded of the need to implement reforms but ignored the warnings.

By blatantly rigging last year's elections, Mnangagwa confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that Zimbabwe was still a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous thugs.

It is no surprise that the much heralded economic recovery post November 2017 coup has not materialised - how can it when the country is still a pariah state!

Zimbabwe Heads Of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD) have proposed dissolving the current illegitimate Zanu PF government in favour of a new Government of National Unity (GNU) just to get round this nagging pariah state curse.

President Mnangagwa has shot down the GNU proposal on the grounds that last year's elections were free, fair and credible.

"Let me emphatically state, at the outset, that my office is a creature of the Constitution and laws of Zimbabwe, both of which I am sworn to uphold, defend, obey and respect to their letter and spirit," stated Mnangagwa.

"Our July 2018, harmonised elections were adjudged to be largely transparent, free, fair and credible (and an) expression of the will of the people of Zimbabwe."

Well the EU, the Americans, the Commonwealth and many other individuals, nations and organisation who observed the 2018 elections condemned the elections as a farce hence the reason the pariah state stigma has remained to this day, over a year since the July 2018 election. A video documentary, Excelgate, by Journalist Edmund Kudzayi shedding new light of how Zanu PF rigged the 2018 elections. The video has gone viral and reinvigorated the debate on the rigged elections.

In its affidavit submission in response to Chamisa's court challenge of the presidential election, ZEC stated that the commission command centre verified 10 985 original V11 forms (Polling Station list of all contestants in presidential, parliamentary and local election races and votes received), for example. ZEC inputted data from these V11 forms into excel sheets the results of which were then used to decide the winner of the parliamentary and presidential races.

EU Election Observer Mission witnessed a ZEC official, own his own filling a V11 form two days after this task should have been done and dusted and thus confirming the existence of extra V11 forms.

Kudzai explained in detail that V11 forms are generated at Polling Station level only. Original of the V11 form is put in the ballot box together with cast ballots, unused ballots and all the other residue of the electoral material. The ballot box is then sealed and election officials and contestant's election agents affix their signatures.

The first copy of the V11 form is placed in a envelop which is sealed and election officials and contestant's election agents affix their signatures.

The second copy of the V11 form is displayed at each Polling Station for everyone to see. About 10% of the Polling Stations failed to display the V11 forms and EU and other observers have confirmed this. ZEC has failed to explain why.

The sealed envelop with the first copy of the V11 is then taken, under Police escort, to a designated command centre for each local election ward. The same election officials and contestant's election agents from each Polling Station who had affixed their signatures to the sealed envelop will be asked to confirm the seal was not tampered with. The seal is then broken and the V11 handed over to the ward election officials and contestant election agents.

The ward election officials will total the votes received by each contestant in the presidential, parliamentary and council elections races. A new summary sheet, V23A, will produced.

The original V23A form will be placed in a new Box together with all the first copy V11 forms and all other election material residue. The box will be sealed and the ward election officials and agents will affix their signatures.

The first copy of the V23A form will be placed in an envelop, sealed and signatures affixed.

The ward returning officer will declare the winner of the council ward election.

The second copy of the V23 A form in be posted for all to see.

The sealed envelop with the first copy of the V23A will then taken, under Police escort, to the constituency command centre. A similar procedure to that at ward command centre will be repeated at constituency centre. The constituency officials total votes of each of parliamentary and presidential to produce a V23 B form.

The original of the V23 B form plus the first copy of the V23A and other election residues will be placed in a constituency box which will be sealed and witnessed as before.

The first copy of the V23 B form will the sealed and witnessed as before.

The second copy of the V23 B will posted for all to see.

The sealed envelop with the first copy V23B form is then taken to ZEC command centre, under Police escort. The envelops are then opened and the V23B form handed to the ZEC officials and corresponding ZEC command centre contestant agents. ZEC officials will total the votes cast for each of the presidential from each of the country's 210 parliamentary constituencies.

So against each presidential candidate one expected 210 entries not 10 895!

ZEC command centre was not supposed to receive any V11 forms. Not even one!

In 25% of the 11 100 or so declared Polling Stations, or 2 775, failed to display the V11 forms as required. If we assume these copies found their way to ZEC command centre, still where did the other 8 210 come from?

We know from the EU report that a ZEC official was seen completing a V11 form two days after this supported to be completed.

There is nothing in the ZEC's affidavit or Chamisa or anyone else to suggest the above procedure was abandoned and so one call only conclude that the 10 985 V11 forms received by ZEC command centre were generated without the knowledge and scrutiny of contestants, their agents, election observers, contrary to accepted practice and, most important of all, in violation of the country's law!

"The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission claims it verified 10,985 original V11 forms at its National Command Centre. This impossible claim is the 2018 election rigging smoking gun," concluded Edmond Kudzayi.

There is no doubt that Zanu PF blatantly rigged last year's elections and this is a nation issue we must now deal with as a matter of urgency.

Rigging elections is not just any crime, this is a crime against the nation with the potential to destabilise the country causing untold suffering and even death to thousands if not millions of people. Those who try and/or rig elections are committing high treason!

Mnangagwa rigged last year's elections, there is a mountain of evidence to prove it, Excelgate provide just another train load of evidence of fresh evidence.

We do not expect this Zanu PF regime to impeach Mnangagwa, after all, many, if not all the 2/3 majority MPs and senators are themselves beneficiaries of the rigged elections. Beside the V11 scandal, the regime denied 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora the vote and frog marched rural voters to vote for Zanu PF, for example. Still, all pressure will be brought to bear on this illegitimate regime to step down.

Kudzayi is known to many Zimbabweans as Baba Jukwa, whose juicy social media gossip on Zanu PF leaders were a sensation. This Excelgate video is based on the book by former Zanu PF minister and propagandist, Professor Jonathan Moyo. He is now in exile running away from Mnangagwa who tried to have him killed during the November 2017 coup.  

There is no doubt Excelgate expose will make Mnangagwa squill and Professor Moyo must be rubbing his hands with glee!

The greatest pressure on this Mnangagwa regime is coming from the country's worsening economic meltdown. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state, the economic meltdown will only get worse.

In the end Mnangagwa et al will step down. Mark my word!

(Excelgate video is available on Bulawayo24 or Google search)

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