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Minister of Health must resign for failing to nullify nurses recruitment

by Njabulo
25 Oct 2019 at 14:20hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is a very beautiful country ,with good people.This issue is a very delicate one which can polarise our nation.

The Minister responsible for the health sector should have nullified the recruitment in question.

Ignoring such a sensitive issue and not taking any reasonable step by the Minister in charge ,only shows how incompetent he/she is. This matter cannot just be swept under the carpet as it is a matter that is of public interest.

It concerns the life of all Zimbabweans. If the Minister in question fails to take reasonable steps to address the issue, then it will be fair for him/her to resign. Equity is important in every country. Equity is equality. Once there is no equity in the distribution or recruiting students in institutions of learning, then there is bound to be a dilemma in that particular country.

The silence of the Minister in charge ,shows that he/she approves of this unfair recruitment of students. It is therefore befitting for that Minister to resign as he/she is not competent in dealing with such sensitive issues that divide the nation.

By not dealing with the issue ,the Minister has failed to discharge his/her duties as expected of him/her. Moreover he/she has the prerogative to nullify this issue of corruption.This issue is not about denying people from Mashonaland or other regions from getting enrolled in institutions of learning in Matabeleland region.

It is about affording equal opportunities to all Zimbabweans. Anybody is allowed to work, study and stay in any part of the country.But there must be proportionality in recruiting the candidates.

If the Minister, in his/her individual ministerial position fails to handle this issue, then parliament has to address this quagmire issue at its earliest convenience time. Ministers have a collective responsibility to address such an issue which divides the nation.

If that Minister fails to nullify the intakes in question, then he/she must step down and let a competent person handle this issue. This issue cannot just be ignored. If the government is concerned about unity in the country, then this issue must be addressed as soon as is practicably possible. This is not a political issue, but its an issue which concerns all citizens of Zimbabwe.

The earlier it is dealt with, the better it will be for all Zimbabweans.

One other responsibility of a minister is to ensure that there is peace in the country and that people are satisfied with public services rendered to them by the government. This minister is not good for the government. This issue is not for any political party. This issue is for all Zimbabweans.

This issue is not for a particular tribe, lest the minister thinks he/she is ignoring it because it concerns a particular tribe. Tribalism must not be allowed in Zimbabwe in this day and age.

One Zimbabwe, One People.

Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gmail dot com

Source - Njabulo
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