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BCC must heed to MRP's Nehanda statue call - MLF

by MLF
29 Oct 2019 at 11:10hrs | Views
As MLF, we would like to remind the Council of Bulawayo of the values that is says, it will always stand to reflect in its day to day operations in the City of the Kings. It is the Council itself which said it will always demonstrate its  institutional uprightness,  honesty and commit itself to safeguarding the unimpaired image of City of Bulawayo.

In exercising honesty, we believe the council is determined to listening to all its stakeholders and act without favour, fear or bias where need has arisen, whereas in safeguarding the unimpaired image of the City of the Kings, we believe the council attaches to its operation a sense of portraying, preserving and safeguarding the true history of the City for the good of the future generations.

It is however disheartening to learn that the very same council that says it is determined to safeguarding the image of the City,  promising to exercise so much honesty and transparency, is somehow contributing towards distorting the history of the city. Why can't the council listen to the genuine call from its stakeholders that seek to see the true history of the city portrayed and preserved, if surely the council is honest in its operations?

Giving a brief history of Bulawayo, the council says " It is hard to have any discussion about the City of Bulawayo without acknowledging its deep seated roots to the history of the Ndebele people".

This means Bulawayo is a city of Mthwakazi or Ndebele people and it is them who should decide on what is good or bad for them in the city. We therefore wonder what role did the Shona witch, Nehanda play to see her statue erected in Bulawayo at the expense of Indlovukazi uLozikheyi who is not seen anywhere in the city?

When the council says it is mindful of the role its partners play in the development of the city, we believe is it not referring solely to the government but it also have the residents in picture and therefore we see no reason why it is dillydallying in taking the call of Bulawayo people led by the MRP into consideration. We advise it avoid unnecessary wars with its own people. We call for sanity in the city council of Bulawayo. It is high time it listens to the residents and exercise their will as we believe Mr Solomon Mguni and his team are in the council to serve Bulawayo people not start  wars with them.

In that light, we urge the council to stop dragging legs in removing the statue of Nehanda who is of no significance in the lives of Mthwakazi people let alone the residents of Bulawayo. The people have spoken. The people know who is relevant in their history and who isn't. Let their will be done.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!!!!

Source - MLF
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