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The evil Unity Accord died with Nkomo & Mugabe

05 Nov 2019 at 07:04hrs | Views
The death of Joshua Nkomo in 1999 and Robert Mugabe this year marked the death of the most evil and oppressive document ever signed by black leaders in post colonial Africa titled Unity Accord.

Joshua Nkomo was forced to sign the evil document under duress in 1987 after near obliteration of Matabele nation through Matabeleland genocide between 1980 and 1987.

The document gave messianic powers to the enemies of Matabele nation ie Shona supremacists in Zanupf and MDC Alliance to perpetuate tribal oppression against the people of Matabeleland.

We concur with ZAPU spokesman Iphithule Maphosa that, before his death, Joshua Nkomo was in favour of ZAPU pull- out from Unity Accord. Cde Paul Siwela can attest to the fact that Joshua Nkomo died a very sad man.

I also reveal here that ZAPU 2000 was formed after full consultation and blessing of Joshua Nkomo. According to the ZAPU 2000 delegation that met Nkomo, he said, "lenzekuhle ngokwenza lokho ngoba lingathula okungabantu lokhu kuzakuza ngesiqubu ngoba kubona abantu bethule, kodwa nxa libanga umsindo kuzake kwethuke. Kufana nje lomuzi ongela baba, nxa abantu bengezwa bhonga lapha ekhaya basuke badelele, abanye bangena bagqoke ingwane abanye befake izandla ezikhwameni, lokungabafana kuzingenele emini kulanda amantombazana."

In short, Joshua Nkomo gave the idea of forming ZAPU 2000 a node saying those planning it should go ahead because if they do not  do it, Shonas will come running to Matabeleland and take it over. Likening Matabeleland to a home without a father where strangers come and do as they wish.

This statement reflected a man who was in the Unity Accord physically because he was forced to be there, but his mind, heart and spirit were not there. Through this statement he was telling the next generation that the burden to undo the Unity Accord which was obviously a huge blunder, lied on the shoulders of the people of Matabeleland.

Before he was forced to sign the Unity Accord at gun point, Nkomo even predicted the split of Zimbabwe in 1986. "You cannot
build a country by firing people's homes. No country can live by slogans, pasi (down with) this and pasi that. When you are ruling you should never say pasi to anyone." He said at the time.

The death of Robert Mugabe the genocidist, the bully, the oppressor, the master mind of the Unity Accord and Matabeleland genocide was the final nail to the Unity Accord coffin.

Mugabe, like many others in Zanupf, had limited knowledge of what Zanupf is, a blood sucking cult cum political party that lives off the blood of its ordinary members and leaders. His turn and indeed the moment of truth came in 2017 when he was brutally ousted through the coup.

When he died he was no longer a member of Zanupf. This he demonstrated by denouncing his own fellow Zanoids saying he would not vote for his tormenters and went on to vote for his favourite party MDC Alliance. He cut ties with Zanupf, criticised its leadership publicly and even refused to be buried at the Heroes Acre sitting witchcraft.

When Nkomo died his mind, spirit and heart was out of the Unity Accord as evidenced by his statement above. And when Mugabe died he was completely out of the Unity Accord and Zanupf as it is known far and wide that he was no longer the member of the cult, Zanupf.

If the two signatories of the so called Unity Accord were  out of it at their death it means only one thing: the death of the most evil document. The author of the evil Unity Accord pulled out of it in broad day light and voted for his new party, the opposition party. This was as good as tearing it into pieces before the very eyes of the world.

A deal which was achieved through force is scandalous criminal and inhuman. It is not different from an armed robbery where thieves raid a place under gun point and take everything by force. The Unity Accord robbed  Matabeles of their God given right to life, freedom,self determination, education, employment, right to practice their culture, to use natural resources found in Matabeleland and freely participate in political and economic activities.

Since Mugabe teared the Unity Accord in public and threw the pieces into the air, the government of Zimbabwe has two options. Be man enough and come to the round table and negotiate a peaceful separation of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe or bury your sorry faces in between legs in ignorance and wake up to a burning Zimbabwe.

Matabeleland is the only country we have as Matabeles, for its freedom we are prepared to kill or be killed, for it, we are prepared to shed blood. Matabeleland independence is non- negotiable. Give us Matabeleland or death!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs
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