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Zimbabweans must shut up: Tribalism is no better that racism

08 Nov 2019 at 11:12hrs | Views
There has been a strong debate amongst South Africans on whether or not the sport is capable of uniting a nation this follows the world cup win by the South African Rugby Team popularly known as Springboks. The team that won the world cup is captained by Siya Kolisi. All forms of media including the social media have been debating about unity amongst Black and White South Africans.

EFF have consistently maintained that they will not celebrate fake unity, they will rather celebrate the black talent within the team than celebrate mediocrity. Most South Africans insists that what Siya kolisi is to the Springboks is what other blacks are in Cricket as well and are all being used to further the interests of racists and they find themselves in the same situation as former DA Leader Mmusi Maimani and his other black colleagues. Having to go an extra mile in shunning their blackness to be acceptable by their teammates or workmates.

I have no problem with South Africans discussing their issues, and openly debating their issues on all their mainline media at all levels without trying to pretend all is well. There are clear that inequality between blacks and whites is a direct result of colonialism that created white privilege to the extent that all Whites are born at an advantage, thus privilege.

I got so irritated when I so Zimbabweans joining the South African debate, condemning racism. I felt the need to tell them to just shup up and fix their own country they have nothing to teach South Africans about.

It is public knowledge that Zimbabwe means Shona people or vis-versa very few people besides Shona people are proud of Zimbabwe yet the country have over a dozen tribes. The Zimbabwe national soccer team plays in Harare only, same as all other sporting disciplines they are hardly played outside Mashonaland. This is what Zimbabweans should be debating about.

It is so disheartening to note that majority of Shona people still believe that Gukurahundi genocide, never happened, some have been brainwashed to the extent that they believe Gukurahundi was necessary. What nonsense.

In South Africa EFF is fighting against White supremacy and supremacists, the EFF party is demanding fair and equal distribution of land and all the national resources. Surprisingly we have people in ZANU PF and MDC standing in solidarity with Cde Julius Malema and his party, while castigating apartheid. Which in my view it's the highest level of hypocrisy because Shona tribalists in Zimbabwe are worse than racists and should just shut up and fix the country.

Zimbabwe is popular for all the wrong reasons international, it must be recorded that Matabeleland Gukurahundi genocide indeed happened and 99% of the victims were innocent men, women, and children who had absolutely nothing to do with Zipra or ZAPU structures their own crime being that they were Ndebele speaking people.

It is a fact that Shona people are born into tribal privilege in this country all the available opportunities are given to them regardless of whether they are qualified or not. The government has so far refused to implement Devolution of power.

Over and above the tribalists in ZANU PF and government have captured everything in this country and it's all a Shona elite's privilege to share the national cake amongst themselves at the expense of us. Just like White supremacists do, Shona people also do the same, they always choose a few Ndebele people to use, just for control. They create their Ndebele puppets then come back pretending to be serving our interests, we won't be fooled. In fact Asifuni Bumbulu

It is true that Highlanders football club is more popular in Matabeleland than the so called national team. Fix your country leave South Africans alone.

Nothing for us without us.

Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo writing in my personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Gumbo
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